Why Another, or What's New?

Why Another? It is absolutely not "another" but a totally new type of system to be added to the existing systems because there is a missing link. The existing systems have proven insufficient to eradicate or reduce current suffering, crime, injustice, dishonesty, insecurity, inefficiency, and hassles, in spite of so much developments and resources, including evolving brain power. Society needed and invented the concept of governments to govern all because human evil and crimes became unmanageable. Now we see all these games of politics, interest groups, inefficiencies, and even corruptions in governments. Now the government itself needs some supervision from the people, the real source of power. Even without this need, parallel to the politico-administrative network from the lowest level to national governments and the UNO, there should be a sister social network from the neighborhood level to the international level, called the United Humankind Organization (UHO), to fill up that missing link. Please read the section on "Why Gigantic." There are certain things essential for improved security and happiness but no parties are handling them.

What is new? New is a concrete initiative to lead to fruition what some of the great thinkers and reformers realized to be the way to improve our societies and lives. This initiative will lead to the formation of the network, the "United Humankind Organization" (UHO), with one central UHO at the international level, national chapters, state or provincial chapters, etc. down to thousands of community or neighborhood chapters. This network will be comprised of scores of sub-networks, each one taking care of one aspect of society, e.g. poverty, justice, crime, functional education on vocations, earning and managing money, physical and mental health and hygiene, best methods of interactions in family and society, far-sight, fun. We will be able to locate all persons interested in a particular aspect of society, using our established communication channel. Money can be raised by a few highest-paying direct advertisements. Even the announcement of a big donation will work as the biggest advertisement (to all people on earth) possible. Whatever things are possible to be done by this network of organizations, will cost negligible amounts compared to that spent by UNO or governments. One of the joint activities of UNO and UHO may be that of giving proper education (and mind set) to all children on earth. This initiative may ultimately make education compulsory all over the world and provide one or two meals at schools to the poorest students. Generally, the lower levels will communicate their problems and priorities to the upper level(s) and the upper levels will provide planning and guidance to the lower levels. Everything will be done at the appropriate level and so efficiently.

In spite of possible criticism, there is no subtitute for UNO. Similarly, nothing else can fill up the missing link other than this sister social network, UHO. Please read the section on "Activities and Services" to know the differences in functions of UNO and UHO and also to see that none else is doing these things. This organization will not only be equivalent to thousands of existing scattered (mushroom) organizations but, because of all-hands involvement from the international level to grassroots levels and synergistic effects, will have an unparallel influence. Any little effort from this organization will become a thousand-fold in influence, inspiration, and effect. We can achieve unimaginable benefits through the fun and excitement of an average of an hour a week of discussing, planning, and working together, instead of losing anything from our lives. What an excitement is it to work with, probably, a billion people and watching developments all over the world, for which we ourselves are the architects!

Why not done before, or if failed before, how can it succeed now? Some great thinkers foresaw such a network. Some attempted at this but could not reach the final goal because communicating with all human beings on earth became impossible within their means. Now, with the availability of cheap means of communication like internet, we can succeed. Once we have the structure (which we can easily form through cheap means of communication), everybody will realize its potential power or influence even before any actions, and the mass media will give coverage to the organization and its actions. This is also the most opportune time because of the natural inspiration of the new millennium or era, when people dream of new hopes and are willing to do something for those hopes.

Why you? Somebody somewhere has to invite others; no human being, however genius may he/she be, can do it alone. I do not know why I have been thinking about this network long before I could think of internet (only in 1980, I stated in a psychological survey: I wish all human knowledge and information could be accessed through computer). I do not know what is responsible for my willingness to retire only 16 years after my Ph.D. and to sacrifice other things in life to day and night dedicated work for this. I can only say that I will feel extremely guilty, if I give up even without inviting others and trying such a great opportunity for so much benefit for the human race.

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