Suffering and Causes

Persons, who have a third eye, can see that the earth is unnecessarily (in spite of such advancements, resources and brains) full of suffering and insecurity. Others suffer and quickly return to the the usual delusions. We got used to (so do not realize) a far inferior life than we could enjoy. Almost all thinkers lamented that we do not have a culture of thinking (and so no far sight). Thinking for own short-sighted priorities without consideration of society on which the total happiness over the whole life of self and dear ones depends is really stupid and is not considered as “thinking”. Our smartness is suffocating (to death), in extreme anxiety of being abandoned, the one (the total human resources, including good senses sustaining the joy and security of all) who is trying to rescue us from drowning. It is also like the fleeing away in panic, of a herd of big animals, from a small cheetah, thereby giving it the chance to kill, instead of facing the cheetah together with their horns. Everybody is like you and me. If I exclude myself, everybody will do the same and we shall stupidly continue sharing a world inferior to what we could have. Saying, “Things will take care of themselves” or “Even if I join, others won’t” is stupid and evil. Then, why do I take any initiatives or do anything at all? The 2nd expression is uttered by almost all. If it is really true, how is it possible that even if some join others won’t?

Einstein - "The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don't do anything about it." Can the suffering and insecurity be reduced? Definitely, except for natural disasters and diseases for which no remedy has been discovered, these can be reduced 80% or more in one generation, 40% or more within a decade. Even with one in a million, the proposed network of organizations called the United Humankind Organization (UHO) can be formed. Within three years after the formation of the network, everybody will realize what I am talking about. If we do not come to human senses but think it to be the smartest to remain as we are (like beasts, some even to harm each other) instead of jointly removing our suffering and insecurity, then our fate is needless insecurity and suffering. I see but I cannot do it even with the representatives from 32 countries I already have unless some more join or the media help. We try to blame others, when all evil and suffering on earth is our own creation because of leaving vulnerable or dangerous ones on their own (some to suffer helplessly and then) to acquire and work in devil's workshops and also because of the lack of united fights against evil. Each of us has to join and assume our legitimate supreme authority. Otherwise, politicians and interest groups will continue their games and cannot reduce all these avoidable insecurity, crime, and so much suffering.

Only people have the tremendous power needed; governments cannot do any better. All, except fools or those infected by evil, together can form an organization with such a huge atom bomb like power that evil forces will gradually die down automatically. UNO is a political organization of governments. People can form a United Humankind Organization (UHO) as a sister organization of UNO. Once the formation of this unprecedented or historic (to be all-hands) involvement is publicized, there will be an excitement all over the world. We can systematically inspire and involve people. Please see other sections for details on the formation of the network of organizations from the international level to each nation, state/province, county/district, etc. down to each neighborhood on earth by a systematic branching method; its activities and mode of actions; why the millions of existing organizations (atoms) cannot accomplish what UHO (atom bomb) can; how to communicate back and forth among 6-billion people even within 24 hours for emergency matters; etc. Whatever things are possible to be done by this network of organizations, will cost negligible amounts compared to that spent by UNO or governments. There may be scores of sub-networks under this umbrella network, each one to deal with one aspect of society. One of the joint activities of UNO and UHO may be that of giving proper education (and mind set) to all children on earth. This initiative may ultimately make education compulsory all over the world and provide one or two meals at school to the poorest students.

If you talk about love (I am not talking; I am talking of real selfishness), some great souls had/have it. Real love needs sacrifices (Ref: "The Road Less Travelled" by Dr. Scott Peck); it is almost non-existent. We have replaced it by the hypocracy of dancing with heart-shaped balloons, parrot's words in cards or over phone, and all other social gestures and customs including political correctness and hypes (without real sacrifices). Leaving millions of healthy born children to die of starvation and other causes, we make dramas with a child somewhere, a whale (spending a million or more dollars, which could save a thousand children), the unborns, and animals. Some shed tears by watching some scenes in movies or hearing dramatization lectures but they do not see such things really happening in thousands on this earth because they do not see anything other than through these two physical eyes. We all need human touch; just visiting is not sacrifice. "Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow."- Aesop

Top saints, who live in a different world, do not see evil anywhere. For us, not seeing it is stupidity and blindness. We have seen bombings, many shooting-sprees, including those in U.S.A., Canada, U.K., and Australia. A few of the thousands of incidences are: Two ten-year old boys killed a four-year old boy. Two children of well-to-do families planned over a long time and then killed other students and themselves. A woman requested an e-mail boy-friend to torture her sexually to death and wrote a note to her husband not to do any harm to that boy-friend. Parents are abusing their children sexually or otherwise. Parents are killing children; children are killing parents. Someone raped and killed about a hundred young women. Someone killed people one after another and ate their flesh. A short-sighted person will think that these are cases of some maniacs and fail to realize that these are the reflections of our societies and cries for attention, when there are so many maniacs.

Political killings, homicide by gangs and also by individuals, rapes, riots, loots, etc. by mis-guided "isms" and whatever reasons are innumerable. All the crimes we hear in the news media, constitute only a small fraction of all wrong-doings. If we could see and record all human sufferings and wrong-doings, there would be billions and billions of items in that list. These do not seem to induce us to think and do something jointly. We brush those aside from our mind and dream sweet dreams, until I or my dear ones are affected. We shed tears by seeing some scenes of oppression, injustice, suffering, etc. in dramas or movies. There ends the matter and we never think about it anymore or take initiatives to stop these things in our societies. Not only that we do not think, analyze, and realize the reality but also we brainlessly ridicule, if somebody tries to open our eyes. We do not see that every second mother earth is tainted somewhere with tears, bloods, inhumanity, suffering, etc.

Some crimes occur because of frustrations arising from real or mis-understood injustice, unresponsiveness, deception, hassle, etc. in our society or because of mental disorders due to the criminal's excessive separation from others, and lack of communication, guidance, and love. If we remain unethical, non-caring, etc., how can we expect the lowest category of people to be better than they are? Because of lack of guidance or help on what to do, and frustration, they choose some easy way of life, which may be unethical or even full of crimes. Honest people suffer by foolishly hoping not to be victims and by not taking joint initiative for the benefit of all. Dishonest ones suffer by foolishy thinking that selfishness and dishonesty will lead to happiness (natural to think when the condition of society is such).

Considering our advancements, we have to be amazed with the power of the human brain. I am ten times more amazed with the sufferings of fellow human beings and our insecurity, in the face of all what is available to us. Are we under a spell! Vivekananda, a hero of 1890's, said that the visible laughs and expressions of joy are our attempts on the surface to be happy. Deep inside the human soul, there is some vacuum or pain to discover bliss. We are engaged in childish search for bliss through gross senses. A successful man admitted on a television interview that life is boring. Once I discovered joy and excitement through developmental work for society, in association with others. As we need solitude for seeing ourselves or the inside, so also we need togetherness from the neighborhood level to global level, however small the involvement may be.

All varieties of evil or negative things (including poverty) are just different branches of the same tree of evil. Current systems deal with problems when evil (including helplessness and poverty) has matured and manifested (on the surface), without destroying the roots. Scattered initiatives (government and nongovernment) are each attacking one or a few leaves or branches allowing the tree to live and to produce new branches and leaves i.e. to spread evil eternally. The neighborhood as a whole has to inspire, guide, and help children (in addition to what parents and teachers can do) and others as needed, to be on a path of happy living instead of ruining own and others lives. Evil elements take the opportunity of our inaction to lead them to evil lives. Once evil grows and strikes, the suffering (to both victims and evil-doers) cannot be reversed, even if the evil-doers are then killed. Hundreds of good initiatives are after our money and time, inducing our hearts to close. Also, fragmentation of positive forces dilutes their power. As a result, millions of scattered initiatives (atoms) could not achieve much compared with what a United Humankind Organization (atom bomb) can.

Problems have to be solved by dialogue with the understanding that the aim is not win-lose but win-win through discovering new ideas. Change of outlook can happen through knowledge, new way of looking at things, and understanding of mutual difficulties. Once I start seeing evil in myself instead of something or somebody else, others also will do the same. Whereas, when force is applied for solutions, a few mice can turn the life of a giant to a hell. Intelligence, arms, etc. are solutions on the surface and can destroy big evil networks but not a billion evil-individuals, especially the many millions of individuals who may be ready, especially with the increasing gap between the poor and the rich, to kill as many as possible of the people who are perceived as not caring for others sufferings. New shoots will germinate and strike us in a way beyond anybody's imagination.

So much human time, energy, and all sorts of resources are spoilt because of duplication of efforts in offices and societies due to the "on your own" or excessive selfishness, "suspicion, secrecy, or conflict," and non-harmonization culture. In this unpredictable world of 6-billion people, my running 100% after my selfishness all alone, cannot close the doors of thousands of problems and insecurity all around. Without giving up my working for myself, I have to do an infinitesimal amount cooperatively with others, to close those doors of nightmares and so many problems.

We employ all branches of human endeavors for happiness (entertainments, comforts, etc.). But alas! Very few can see that we kept thousands of doors open for anxiety and unhappiness to enter freely. Everybody is running excessively after self without the consciousness of the reality of human lives and societies as if under a spell, and then everybody is sharing needlessly an inferior and insecure world. We lose our senses in trying to have visibility or importance by showing our wealth, status, and even little talents or some connection with celebrities (through discussion, photographs, autographs, or some other ways). Oh! What a low level of consciousness! To me, most of us are yet not worth the name "human". We are employing religion and all sorts of "ism"s for socialization, to divide and weaken the human race, arouse people for destructive activities, etc. [More in the link to "Current culture, realities, and experiences," at the end of "contents" on the left]

Every moment somebody's dream is shattered on this earth. When it happens, no amount of weeping, repenting, thinking, or initiative can take it back. When bigger mishaps occur, "Put Headlights on" type of slogan and noises go on all-around and the leaders storm their brains for a while. Gradually everything is forgotten and we go back to the same life/society, same shortsighted priorities, fun, and entertainments. It is inexplicable how we can remain 100% absorbed with these without realizing that I could be one of those devastated. More and more dangerously destructive means are being available. More and more people will join the forces of destruction to wake society up to injustices and their suffering, by breaking our sweet dreams and engagement with self only.

There is no human being without a heart or any soft corner. It is the failure of society that the evil side instead of the angelic side flourished. On the face, evil-doers seem to be the causes of suffering on earth. With vision, one can see that they are only the media (helpless in the hands of evil). We the white-collar people and those in the very top of society are responsible for these because if we paid a little attention to society instead of 100% to our short-sighted priorities, we could jointly stop these.

When problems arise, we put all our attention to solve them. Many a time we have to be satisfied with unsatisfactory solutions because of exhaustion with hassles or lack of time. When disasters occur, Red Cross and others rush to do something, although nothing other than an earthquake or only a few things like that suddenly happen. When some persons already turned harmful to society/others, we employ our police, courts, army, etc. or correctional efforts. With only 10% of our resources spent by millions of initiatives these ways, we could eliminate the root causes of problems, so that gradually the surface problems reduce and finally, after a generation, they become pathological. Instead of keeping the supreme authority to ourselves, we gave it to the politicians and bureaucrats to play games with. Currently we are harming each other and societies (biting like beasts) and in a stage of "everybody for himself and the devil gets the hindpart." Mr. Clinton's (past US President) urging parents and teachers to come forward, after the Columbine High School tragedy, did/will not do any good unless some of us take the initiative to start the process and then ask them to join.

Dr. Muhammad Yunus, the Founder of the Grameen Bank (actually a new concept) says that there is no reason for poverty. As a matter of fact, there is no reason for so much human suffering unless for the total lack of understanding how in being smart immediately we create a hell for all in the long-run. We are a bunch of stupids, stupids, stupids! There is a serious imbalance between the creative power and the suffering of the human species due to a lack of realization about the effect of society on our own long-term happiness. Even geniuses disgrace themselves with transient frivolous pursuits. How can we work so hard individually for happiness but not take the final small step together to preserve and enhance that happiness and reduce insecurity and avoidable suffering and various evils!

If we, the above-average people, be greedy and unfair with so much and play games with our brain, money, and official and other powers, the lowest class of people will play games with whatever they have - knives, guns, bombs, etc. - and will not hesitate to kill, rob, or whatever. It is not a matter of religious belief only that any evil done by me will come back to me many-fold; anybody with far-sight can see it, although they may not see any after-death matters. On this same earth, we cannot leave some aside to suffer without affecting our security.

On the one hand, police cannot watch each and every human being; on the other hand, it is a human nature that even in a reasonably good person, the lower nature tries to creep in or allures the mind to be greedy, if there is no resistance and there does not seem to be a high risk any other way. "It is enough for the triumph of evil for good man to do nothing." As an idle brain is the devil's workshop, so a society without citizens' action-groups everywhere encourages greed and various wrong-doings. Individuals cannot afford adequate fights to succeed against them. Evil becomes the most ruthless destroyer against a lone fighter, whereas, gives away easily against a united force. Theoretically, we can name many places to turn for remedy or help. Practically, even a fighter like me found out that the remedy available without a united force, if at all (generally none), is not worth the time and energy spent, the harm done to myself, my family, and my career.

As a government employee, I see how impossible it is for governments to provide ideal societies. We cannot make things right even within the government. Sometimes, we find even the enforcement agencies involved in corrupt practices. Because human character is so low, the general government rules have to be very strict, which become inefficient, costly, or ridiculous in certain circumstances. We think foolishly that some party somewhere is taking care of society. Unfortunately, our leaders also run after their own interests, on the one hand, and they cannot change society or culture without mass involvement, on the other hand.

If we do not care about security and want to have silly ego and fun until we die or are killed but think it a misfortune (our own creation) when our children are killed, then we can continue our current short-sighted isolation. There is no problem with fun itself. Fun can be utilized to plan and work together to reduce suffering and insecurity. Evil, misbehavior, inefficieny, etc. are encouraged to expand without limit because of lack of joint or forceful deterrence. Because of not taking an hour or two out of the subconscious state of daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly cycles or business as usual to contemplate and be conscious about human life and society and what we should do, we be losers in the long-run. If there is a real will to stop evil, there are definitely ways to at least reduce its manifestations in our lives. For that we have to get a little more involved for society than just paying taxes and casting votes.

"I shall continue my dishonesty, hatred, "isms", selfishness, etc. and not care about society but expect a better and secure society to live in" - that is a fool's expectation. Nobody will do anything unless I put my hands first. Six billion others are not sitting there to allow me an exception - "I shall accumulate and enjoy, and others will work to make society secure and joyful." Every action has an equal and opposite reaction and shapes society accordingly. Whatever culture or norm we all establish, we have to enjoy it or suffer from it.

Total human suffering is so vast that I am perplexed about how to say it. Also, how amazing is it that with such a great brain enabling us to realize from the experiences of others or the past and what we see or hear around , we still lack far-sight and run after short-sighted accumulations, show of power, ego, etc., silly fun, enjoyments leading to lethargy, totally neglecting our security and all other problems and suffering around. Many people do not see suffering because they are in dreams of enjoyment and accumulations for that and do not have time to care to see, until someday the condition of society knocks them directly. When heart is broken, we weep for a while and after some time go back to the previous life of dreaming enjoyment and accumulation, without ever trying to bring about a change in society.

Even in the best countries, there are so many homicides, innumerable types of crimes, family-problems, mental problems, manias, insecurity, suicides, fooling people, hassles, etc. Democracy has turned into exploitation of the rest by the interest groups, by donating money to politicians. Exploitation of the weak by the strong, oppression by various touts, etc. are rampant in many countries. Hunger, mal-nutrition, lack of treatment, sub-human living, various abuses, suffering due to lack of guidance or understanding about making a livelihood, financial management, and proper ways of living, etc. are common affairs in some countries. They suffer helplessly without knowing what to do.

When I raise these issues, some say, "Society will take care of those." Oh my God! Who or what is that society, leaving all of us, the people, out! Whoever that society (government? Please read the section on "Governments to do.") to take care of all problems and sufferings for us is, we know that it is incapable of taking care of all these. I wish I could see what these people see (probably, they see nothing other than the feelings of gross senses), without losing my senses. I saw a very old woman eating food from dustbin (trash can) by fighting with a dog (I saw a high possibility of biting her) and crows (was hurting her). Probably, everybody would blame her for her fate. I know the circumstances; she had no way to control her fate in that country.

Government officials in some countries demand bribes from customers before processing any application or documents. In spite of my high status in the locality, the tax-collector did not hesitate to ask bribe from me. In some cases, people have to pay bribes even for buying tickets. In some countries police and leaders are partners with evil powers. A medical college professor deprived someone from getting a seat for treatment in the hospital unit under his control. When the patient was at the point of death, he was admitted in the professor's private clinic at an excessive cost. These are the chain reactions in societies. Each one thinks that he/she is a winner; in reality, everyone is a loser. That professor will pay the price somewhere. You outwit a low class person in some matter and cheat him; he will someday kill your or somebody else's dear one. Dishonest business people or others, gangs, touts, or various types of interest groups exploit in many different ways the ignorance, short-sighted selfishness, and helplessness of individuals due to the non-exitence of citizens' action groups. People either cannot afford to go to the court or are shut up by the threat of evil powers.

"We compound our suffering by victimizing each other." –Athol Fugard. We have a bad culture with lack of feelings for others. If it is the headache of anybody other than me and my dear ones, I do not have the slightest of sympathy or consideration. We are doing these to each other: teachers to students, students to teachers, supervisors to employees, employees to supervisors, customers to sales people, sales people to customers, tenants to landlords, landlords to tenants, and so on. Therefore, everybody is a sufferer. When I create problems for some others, are my sufferings gone? Also, human beings are extremely biased. We cannot endure a little pain created by others but trivialize those we create to others.

All ingredients for being able to enjoy life more are there; only the goodwill for joint initiative to finally be able to do that, is missing. We are living lives in more anxiety and insecurity and less happiness than we should. If I harm others or society directly for own benefit or indirectly by not taking initiative jointly for common benefit, 6-billion others will do the same and my gain will be outweighed by the harm done by all others. We are living isolated lives, except for parties and talking, even a part of which is not utilized for constructive things. We wrongly think that it will make us happier because of having more time to enjoy life. We do not realize how we really harm ourselves in an unseen way and encourage all sorts of evil around. In my village, there was a broken spot on the main street (built of just dirt). That broken low lying part used to be full of mud and water, except in the few dry winter-months. Everyday, hundreds of people had to cross the spot by taking off their shoes, walking through the mud and water, washing off the mud in a nearby pond. This continued for many years, although it would have taken only a few hours to repair, if somebody invited others to do it jointly. Suffering and insecurity on earth are due to broken links in our societies (instead of that village-road). Over the centuries, none of us took an initiative to invite others to jointly repair those missing links.

When some people see that others have a lot but they do not have anything or any hope, it is a human nature to be envious and try to create chaos. They become desperate and careless. When they do not care for their lives, there is no reason for them to care about ours. If we want a secure and joyful society, we just cannot leave them aside on their own to suffer. Unresponsiveness or lack of action in our society creates two types of problems: (1) Evil, unaccountability, inefficiency, hassles, mis-behavior, etc. are encouraged to expand exponentially, and (2) those who suffer due to these, may commit crimes out of frustration. More and more dangerously destructive means are being available.

Some support evil to get a little initial benefit and then can never get out of the clutches of that evil, i.e., become a slave and help that evil power. When I was one of the house-tutors (superintendents), we saw that the students were in extreme fear because of a few touts. There was a rumor that one or more of them were murderers. When we tried to get rid of those touts because they were no longer registered students, those touts used to excite students against the administration on baseless issues. Going against the administration is a delicious item in that country. So the students fell into that trap and we could not liberate them from fear. Far-sight (resulting from thinking and analyzing) is almost non-existent. Except a few in a million, others are 100% under impulses or short-sighted urges.

A foreign student knocked at the door of the next house, thinking it by mistake to be his rented house, and was probably entering it. The owner of that house just shot him dead without trying to understand what was going on. This is a reflection of how terrorized we are always in fear of being attacked and instead of getting together with ½% time to solve the problems at the roots, we short-sightedly try to find the solution in guns or just blame something else other than ourselves.

Millions of children on this earth (within our reach), and not on another planet, suffer from starvation, mal-nutrition, lack of treatment and other cares, and many of them die. Other human sufferings also are really not beyond our control. Leaving them aside to suffer and die, we make drama with some one child somewhere, animals, etc. We finish our duties by paying some money in the name of charity. I realized by some communication with the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a charity organization that he chose this job as a profession; 'sacrifice' is not in his dictionary. We spend time worrying about color matching in dresses and what not, make designers multi-millionaires or billionaires in the pursuit of fashion. Millions of entertainments are there to kill our time and take money directly or indirectly. We spend billions and billions of dollars for flowers, cards, gifts, and similar other things. Such gestures after man-made disasters are meaningless because if we really cared we could have stopped the disasters by changing the world by joint initiatives. These billions of dollars could/can save millions of healthy born children.

We have billions of items of entertainment, relaxation, etc. However, those who have real eyes, can see that we really do not have a secure world or society to legitimately enjoy them (although we foolishly indulge in those neglecting what we should do and let the earth flood with human sufferings, tears, bloods, etc.) In spite of that, most of our celebrities are some sort of entertainers (including athletes), fun- or art-creators, etc. In addition to these, money-makers are manipulating the mass in the name of style, fashion, modernism, coolness, and in hundreds of other ways for making money and becoming billionaires or multi-millionaires. We, a herd of sheep, jump to put our money to all the above categories of people, their promoters, middlemen, etc. Those who contributed for the almost eternal (or very long-term) benefit of the human species had/have to suffer from financial hardship.

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