Structure Building: Parallel to the politico-administrative network from the UNO to the lowest level, we shall establish the sister social network, the United Humankind Organization (UHO), from the international level to the neighborhood level.

First, the central UHO will be formed with many interested persons. Each group of a few persons will take the responsibility of forming a national committee, through acquaintances or whatever. Guidance will be given. Each group of a few persons from the national committee will take the responsibility of forming a state/provincial committee. Each group of a few persons from the state/provincial committee will take the responsibility of forming a county/district committee. In this way, gradually committees will be formed at all levels and the neighborhood level.

Co-Founders: Those who can form the National Chapter mentioned above or can enroll many volunteers as mentioned in the following sentences, will be enlisted and publicized as co-founders of the organization. A co-founder can enroll as many volunteers as possible for him/her with the condition that each of them will enroll four volunteers with this same condition for the thread to continue. If this is done, in several steps, a huge number of volunteers will be enlisted. When all the signatures of these volunteers are sent from all the co-founders, the pool will contain many thousands of volunteers and we shall be able to attract more by publicizing this progress. Then we shall be able to have enough contact persons to establish the communication channel described below and start the real work.

Above steps are not needed, if UNO and governments call upon the people to form a committee at each neighborhood and upper levels.

Communication: Ultimately, when at least one computer and the Internet Service can be arranged at upper levels, the websites and E-mails will be the primary means of communication. Where internet service is inaccessible, other means of communications like phone, fax, etc. have to be used. At local levels, personal contacts will be used.

How to establish a contact among all people? By successive e-mails (after consolidating information) from the contact person at one level to the contact person at the next level neighborhood, next higher level, district/county, state/province, national, international - we can have responses from all. Website(s) (or successive e-mails for non-urgent or regional messages) may be used to communicate from upper levels to lower level contacts. The neighborhood level contact will be assisted by other contacts, each with the responsibility of contacting a number of households or individuals (for both communicating to and receiving responses from). Thus all persons living in societies will be connected. Contacts will be advised to look for urgent messages at the designated place every 6 to 8 hours (once a day for non-urgent things).

How to have contact persons? Once some people put hands together, we will find representatives (or at least one contact person) per country in any of many possible ways. [I, all alone and without any noise anywhere, could have representatives from 32 countries.] That contact person and other representatives, if available, for a particular country, will find out (with support from the international committee formed of the national representatives) representatives (or at least one contact person) for each state/province in that country. Continuing this process of the representatives at one level finding out the representatives for the next level, we can reach the village level. Once we succeed to do this far, the whole world would be in the excitement of anticipation and the last level of contacts as well as volunteers to form various committees and work groups at all the levels will be easy to recruit.If even 2 persons can enroll 2 persons each, in several such steps, we can enroll many people.

Mode of Action: Any particular needed action will be performed at the appropriate level. Generally, suggestions for initiatives will flow from lower levels to upper levels and planning and guidance for actions will flow from upper levels to lower levels.

More on Structure: There will be scores of sub-networks within the overall network, UHO. Each component sub-network will take care of one aspect of society, e.g., arranging and running educational/training programs as needed (e.g., functional education on vocations, earning and managing money, physical and mental health and hygiene, best methods of interactions in family and society, far-sight, fun), curriculum in the above programs and in the existing schooling systems, mentoring children and those others who need, helping police and the legal system in crime prevention through vigilance, deterrence, and proof for punishment, crime prevention by early detection and helping potential delinquents out of delinquency, training and other help so that nobody becomes burden to society through poverty or crime, helping as needed during ailment, volunteering for emergency needs. We will be able to locate all persons interested in a particular aspect of society, using our established communication channel. Money can be raised by a few highest-paying direct advertisements. Even the announcement of a big donation will work as the biggest advertisement (to all people on earth) possible. Whatever things are possible to be done by this network of organizations, will cost negligible amounts compared to that spent by UNO or governments. One of the joint activities of UNO and UHO may be that of giving proper education (and mind set) to all children on earth. This initiative may ultimately make education compulsory all over the world and provide one or two meals at schools to the poorest students.

An election commission should be formed in each neighborhood and each upper level with persons of differing views, so that no manipulation of votes or opinions can occur. Before the 1st ballot is cast, everybody will check that the voting box is empty. Vote casting will be seen and votes counted by this election commission of differing views. There should not be any costs involved in such a method. For a better world, everybody should agree to such minimal voluntary work. These vote counts or opinion tallies will be sent to the next level. From there, they will be sent to the next level. In this way, they will be accumulated at the central level.

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