With the availability of cheap means of communication like internet and news media, which can keep all people on earth connected and also allow them to interchange information and ideas instantly, it is of course possible now. Compared with the millions of unbelievable human achievements and feats which need unbelievable amount of hard work, practices, perseverance, sacrifices, talents, etc., this is nothing. Nobody has to go through any stress, hard work, or practice or sacrifice anything. All is fun and then, along with the excitement of seeing developments for which we are the architects, we achieve unimaginable benefits in terms of secure and joyful lives for all. To start with, we need only one person per country to spend a few hours a week. Then, in a few steps of branching, we shall turn into millions. What an excitement it is to know that I shall be working with so many millions reasonably rational people in order to be able to laugh and be merry with security. Only that some of us has to repeatedly publicize the idea and organize. If you can put a few hours occasinally, it will be successful. None of us has to worry about anything; everybody will do his/her little part for common benefit. If you exclude yourself, everybody will do the same thing and only then it is not possible.

The project is simply an extension of what a teen-ager could do. There is absolutely no impossibility in having one per 10,000 persons of all age groups, including retired persons, to do what a teen-ager did along with his undergraduate studies. I know that these days people try to avoid involvement because people's time and energy was not used the most effective way or for long-term benefit. In this historic network, people can clearly see that their involvement will work in the most effective way. If you join, let me swear, "Your few hours a week will not go in vain." In some countries there are similar political networks, although not for improving society and, therefore, only political workers are involved.

I would like somebody to explain to me where the impossibility lies in forming the structure as discussed under the section, "Structure." What is the impossibility of getting one representative per country, to start with? What is the impossibility of giving an average of one hour a week from the 168 hours? Once the structure is in existence, everybody will realize with awe the potential influence or power of it. Then politicians, news media, and everybody else will start patronizing this most gigantic and influential network on earth. Please see more discussion in the section "Why Gigantic".

With negative conceptions and lack of initiative, the human race could not have achieved even 1% of what we have achieved. By a systematic branching process (details elsewhere) and making everybody feel important and partner to the society and the project, we can succeed. There is no need for big theories and discussion. I will show in only 3 to 4 years (we, possibly, already lived a million years) what can be done, if some give publicity and some get involved by spending 1% time. We shall not believe our own eyes to see what we shall have achieved, only if we adopt a positive attitude.

We will comb through a branching process so that no one who is far-sighted enough to realize the benefit or can be persuaded in any of many ways (we shall have various types of fun along with planning and working together), to donate a few hours, is missed. We shall honor the volunteers in many ways. Even 1% "understanding" people means, a caucus of 60-million people. Such a gigantic caucus or umbrella covering from the international level to each community, can do and undo many things non-violently. It will succeed by its own weight. The discovery of my life is that love and persuasion do not go in vain. People do not get addicted to or like even some of the bad things without repetitions. I would not have decided to sacrifice my life, if I did not see clearly what can be done.

When I see that human brain works in some matters like earning money, solving problems for that or otherwise, negotiating or dealing with opponents, etc. but in most other cases, we are guided (mostly mis-guided) by emotions and various "isms", I myself get discouraged. Instead of considering our own gains, whatever others may gain, we are too envious of other's gains and will harm others, even if we do not gain by that or even by harming ourselves. However, as long as we keep those "isms" and politics out of this organization, we can work cooperatively for common benefit. People are not ultimately dumb; they can see when they are properly guided to see. Probably, they are easily persuaded by peers. Good and bad are both infectious. Once we start spreading the culture of "good", it will prevail. If anybody is interested in "isms", this network is not the place for them to be.

Some may think that I do not know the real world. If they know what I have gone through in my life, they would not. I know what I am talking about . I know both the infinite negativism/skepticism (because of the individuals' priorities of status and enjoyments) and also the hidden spirit of fellow human beings. Negativism developed also because of being fooled repeatedly. I did in my teens in a locality what I am proposing to do in all localities through a systematic branching process and representatives. Negativism is really not preferred; it leads to low spirit. People will be inspired, if they can see a sure chance of good things. Even moral support or publicity by some will lead to the success of the project because the idea is to generate an enormous effect with a little support from many. Even one with positive attitude among a big bunch will be good enough.

When, at my teens, I proposed to the villagers to form an association for improving our lives, I was so cruelly ridiculed that I felt crushed. They said, "The educated and rich leaders of the society tried and failed and you a mere child would do it! Shame for your foolishness!" On the one hand, what the people said appeared logical; on the other hand, I could find no reason for the impossibility, other than the stereotyped negativism (and baseless fear about involvement) of the people. I proceeded according to my own perceptions almost all alone, spending my own money initially. A few joined the fun but the overall opposition and non-cooperation continued. Gradually, the fun increased and the number joining the fun increased and after three years, finally, the whole locality welcomed the initiatives. The spirit is alive even after so many years.

The same bad trait (being a herd of sheep) can be turned into a beneficial one. Once some of us join together and publicize and the domino effect can be started somehow (sensation or excitement spreads faster than fire), millions will jump. The human spirit sleeping deep down the surface will wake up and once one gets involved with inspiration, one will discover a new source of joy and meaning in life, replacing meaningless time-killers. I believe that there are many others who want to have the satisfaction of achieving something great together for mankind. We shall try to reach them. Realizations of the apparently impossible human dreams led us to where we are today.

Another example: Swami Prabhupada came to U.S.A. for the first time at the age of 69 with a dream of preaching Krishna consciousness. He was likely to die on the ship because of ill-health. He had neither money nor friends and relations here. If he could change the faiths of people and establish ISKCON and temples in 123 (?) countries in such a short period, why cannot we together do something for the common benefit of all without changing anybody's faith! To me, my proposed project appears a thousand times easier than what the Swami did. The whole human history is replete with such unbelievable acts of inspiration. A poor handicapped person, by organizing other handicapped or homeless persons, could get a multi-million-dollar apartment complex built for them, just based on donations and their labor. Because of some negative and destructive forces, we should not give up what we can do; negativism or evil should not be allowed to defeat the good forces. If we can reach at least one person per country, who could acquire some far-sight by brushing aside beastly intelligence, the success is guarenteed.

Love and persuasion do not go in vain. Even some of those who formulate "spending time on anything other than earning money and own pleasures" as unrealistic and do not see the millions of sacrificing souls (donating time, energy, money, etc.), can be made to join the crowd of responsible persons by creating some fun attractive to them. They can be persuaded to see better through thinking and analyzing instead of being in thoughtless hoopla or status quo and all of us ending up in less than what we could get in life. Also, people are basically not as bad as they turned into. Many commit offenses out of frustration arising from the unresponsiveness and injustices in our societies. Criminals say that their crimes are nowhere near the dishonesty of the so-called high class people and the exploitation they do by their shrewdness and power.

Once people can see that "business is no longer as usual" or there is goodwill on all sides, most of them will join the good forces. Also some are extremely open: one type of influence can lead them to crimes and another type to heroism. Some say, "It is a hell out there, just save yourself. Everybody is selfish and irrational. Nobody will listen and join; no change is possible." Well, that hell is our own creation; we allowed things to tilt towards that direction in the past. Again, we can reverse the course, if we want." "Enthusiasm", "negativism", "good", and "bad" all are infectious. We have to start the "good" and "high spirit" chain somewhere.

Why not done before, or if failed before, how can it succeed now? Some great thinkers and reformers foresaw such a network. Some attempted at this but could not reach the final goal because communicating with all human beings on earth became impossible within their means. Now, with the availability of cheap means of communication like internet, we can succeed. Once we have the structure (which we can easily form through cheap means of communication), everybody will realize its potential power or influence even before any actions, and the mass media will give coverage to the organization and its actions. This is also the most opportune time because of the natural inspiration of the new millennium or era, when people dream of new hopes and are willing to do something for those hopes.

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