Additional Points

We look with awe at human beings, who are born with exceptional unique talents or feats, and somehow feel that they know better than we know. That may not be true. Only persons of realization or far-sight see things better than us, although they may not have any visible talents. We do not see, as the realized persons see, how we are programmed by nature to run mad after dreams and the so-perceived enjoyments with lust, anger, greed, envy, ego, etc., harm each other, and all become losers, when we could make our lives secure and happy for all.

After organizing various temporary things, I established a permanent volunteer organization to take care of all aspects of the society in a locality. In the beginning, I faced an ocean of hopelessness: "It won't work; nobody will join". By persuasion for three years, in spite of ridicule and skepticism, I started seeing the slow awakening of the human spirit in deep sleep inside. So much excitement/joy as well as benefit for the whole locality (continuing for so many years since my teens) was beyond my imagination. My reading of some great thinkers, helped me in recognizing my initiative in a locality, as an atom or a knot of a gigantic network, which will have the needed huge power/influence (the greatest we can imagine of) to be able to bring about a good change in our societies.

Considering what an eighteen year old boy (I) could do in one locality, without any money and along with his studies, there is absolutely no reason why the same thing cannot be done in all localities of the world by inspiring and involving in succession one leader at the national level, one leader at the state or provincial level, one leader at the county or district level, etc. and finally one leader at the community level.

Even doing the same thing at all localities on earth as I did in one locality will improve the societies and lives a lot. In that sense, this one initiative is equivalent to thousands of initiatives. In reality, the proposed network will be infinitely more inspiring, powerful, and successful than that isolated local initiative, because of its size or all-hands involvement across the whole world.

Because there is a dark or hopeless side in our societies or the nature of some humans, the good forces have to think about minimizing that side. It is possible to even dream of improving the society only because there is a spirit in each human which can be awakened if asleep and there are already millions of sacrificing and spirited persons.

What great benefits that little initiative I took in one locality has been producing! It is foolish not to have a volunteer organization from the national level to the neighborhood. People have to be persuaded to believe that the little time spent in doing things which are almost fun together can bring so much benefit beyond the fun of gatherings.

I do not know how to make that one click over the mind-screen, by which one can see the tremendous benefit as well as fun in two hours a week in joint actions. One person per 20 million people or per small country is sufficient to start the fire at all corners. The apparently dead human spirit is really not dead; it is sleeping deep down; it needs a lot of pushes and time to wake up. That pushing, as long as it is needed, and doing beneficial work when support is available, will be the almost only work for the rest of my life.

No noble initiatives go in vain; even if they may appear unsuccessful currently, they will leave marks for another generation to carry on. I am sure that there are some, who, given the opportunity, would like to do something in life more than just what everybody does and to have the satisfaction of leaving a mark in history. Realizations of the apparently impossible human dreams have led us to where we are today.

Kindly realize the pain in this heart (in seeing meaningless suffering, inefficiency, etc., which can be channelized for something great, with a little from a few. The project is all-encompassing because scattered initiatives cannot eliminate deep-rooted problems.

I do not know how to say it clearly without sounding ridiculous but the fact is that nature created me such that if you help to utilize the excitement of this juncture of two eras to motivate people to start the new millennium with a spirit of solving our problems together with 1% of our time, this ordinary person can further inspire and organize people through a network to jointly achieve a great milestone for our lives and societies.

It will be the greatest joy of my life, if others take the top leadership of the proposed project. However, even moral support or publicity by others will lead to the success of the project because the idea is to generate an enormous effect with a little support from many. Even one with positive attitude among a big bunch will be good enough. I believe that there are many others who are, like me, willing to achieve something great together. I appeal for your help in spreading the news, so that we can write to each other and form a body.

This proposal from an unknown person may appear as a fantasy to die out slowly, as thousands of others did. Let me assure you that this is different. As a kid, I organized kids' games and later organized other things. I decided in my early teens after reading the biography of Buddha, to make personal sacrifices to at least try to do something highly beneficial for the society. All my days, good or bad, were geared towards this one goal. It is true that I cannot contact and inspire millions of people world-wide personally, unless others and the media help to utilize the excitement of this juncture of two millenniums or eras. If I cannot have at least one helping hand in each country, we all shall continue to be losers ("penny-wise pound-foolish"). I will definitely do what I can, by personal contacts at the grassroots level but that cannot change our societies.

In some countries, national leaders and police are partners with evil powers. Even in the best countries, we know the games of politics and interest groups, fooling people, inefficient use of tax money, etc. Homicide, many other crimes, cheating, inefficiency, suffering, etc. are in abundance.

The only hope I see is to take an intensified initiative by all parties together, at this most opportune time, for a flood of publicity, sensation, and enrollment of volunteers by making them visible and honoring them in many ways, and for a determined crusade against evil, inefficiency, ignorance, etc. We have developed a tendency to avoid any requests because thousands of hands are asking for money, time, and "what not". Through unification, we can make people open their heart the maximum possible.

Somehow we have a culture which lacks the bigger and longitudinal picture of our lives and societies (matter of a click on realization). Until we are in trouble or shock, we push aside what the realized persons said, assuming that we can spend life in current way of dreams and excitements. Let us not forget the thousands of incredible human achievements through inspiration. Those who want to do something but cannot find a way to make a real difference, for them inviting like- minded persons is the way (then can discover how mighty they are). Indulgence entertainments or relaxation, does not lead to long-term happiness. Let us jump out of the couch, do something together to make our lives secure and happy, dance, sing, laugh and be merry.

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