Let Others Do

Each of us want to accumulate wealth, status, etc. and enjoy. If I do not want to spend an hour a week so that we can really enjoy in a safe and joyful society, how can I expect others to do? In all other matters, people may or may not join or do, depending on individual interests. However, in the matter of society, either we all put a small hand together to be benefitted in the long run or we all become losers in the long run through short-sighted selfishness. A few persons like me may sacrifice their lives but that cannot change the norm of societies unless each of you patronize, without sacrificing anything which really matters in your life. May God give us light to realize where we are paying the price by aloofness.

Some may think that a drop of water in an ocean is negligible. It is wrong. Each drop is extremely important; without those drops, the ocean would be non-existent. If everybody excludes himself/herself, then nobody is left to take care of our foundation, society, and everybody has to suffer. Does that make sense! If everybody waits to see that the initiative is successful and to decide later, it cannot be successful and we all shall continue living in a world where life appears so enjoyable (so we run after it, closing our eyes to the reality around) but, in reality, almost all ultimately (someday later) suffer in one way or the other. Before reaching the billions of people, we need "you". Without the number one, there will be no "number two". The rest will be easy because of the hidden spirit and domino effect; sensation or excitement spreads faster than fire.

If you do not add your few hours, no one else will, and we shall be neglecting an invaluable benefit to ourselves. The net result is a huge invisible loss to everybody. Please give a serious thought to take an easy opportunity for a change and joy. The proposed project is not just a wish and dream: it is well-envisioned and realizeable step by step. The power lies in drops together, as in an ocean. A few hours from many can change the world. Kindly start the domino effect by a positive response; these few hours will provide the highest dividend in your life. Initial support is the most important of all.

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