Open Invitation to People

Without a real sacrifice, utilize the opportunity for the maximum benefit of self and dear ones

Dear friends, There are some initiatives which may not make you billionaire immediately but can accomplish for civilization such infinitely beneficial things, which all the billionaires cannot. Here is an idea by which a thousand times more money can be generated (not for any one individul) than usual. The trick is a new type of cooperative through a network by utilizing a few hours of constructive fun from everybody. This is not a full-time job that you cannot do it if you have a job. We shall conduct those businesses which will be the most profitable by the use of a network. Do it as a hobby together and share the profit. Also, justice and security of life and property will be enhanced because of togetherness.

Each of those who will take the initiative to form groups of interested cooperators (and so joint owners) and send the lists with contact information to a coordinator (I can be one for one country), as mentioned at the end, will receive one share just for this work. If from the same-district level or same-upajela level or same-union level or same-neighborhood level, more than one groups are sent, the share will be divided. More shares will be there for other work. Those who will be cooperative-workers much later will own a slightly fewer shares of the cooperative. Total benefit may be a mixture of shares and commission.

It will be a huge amount of money only if all of you take interest in creating that huge amount of money by applying the idea.The greatest stupidity is thinking, “Even if I do not steal, others will.” It will not take long to catch dishonesty. We shall have different types of detection methods. All shares of dishonest persons will immediately be cancelled. Those who will detect such stealing will receive cash awards.

Someday, this cooperative may provide our livelihood. For now, there is no money to put into your pocket. We shall create a lot of fun in many ways. Some profit will be used for honouring the volunteers in meetings, some with certificates and awards and for other benefit of the cooperators and their localities and other supporting localities. You may have a bank in your Union managed by local people. There will be a national excitement. All in the network will be like members of a family. We shall try to take care of your personal problems too together. If after a few years, we employ some, we shall employ those who would have shown the greatest sacrifices, honesty, and hard work in the preceding years.

We together shall decide if we shall allow partial ownership to interested money-investors. In addition to your ownership of a cooperative, discover the joy of being a partner in giving shape to a pioneering idea and seeing the developments everyday. Your life will be a satisfying and glorious one.

Enjoy improved life through improved society, unless you are yourself a Satan. Continue doing for you and your family what you are doing now. Even by spending only a few hours a week in constructive fun with us without any sacrifice, you will benefit a lot, in addition to owning shares. The discussion on where these few hours will come from follows latter.

Nobody has yet realized the magical power in a network formed by the combined application of a branching method and the latest communication means. Einstein might have had a similar vision but nobody recognized it. By constantly collecting public opinions through the network, even the best form of democracy can be improved.

Even in USA, where I received a police certificate in 3 days by mail, without any bribe or persuasion, people have to endure injustice. Very few can spend the money and time needed to go to the courts. Without the power of a network, daily life injustices cannot be reduced for common people.

Once we prove the new idea, a lot of donations and grants will be available. I founded a tax-exempt organization (United Humankind Organization) in USA for that purpose. Before that, we have to work together for the sake of fun and future great benefit. It is not like other NGO’s that you get certain amount of money for certain charity work. When profit starts pouring in to sustain the cooperative as well as to give instant commission to those who will generate the profit, we shall give and distribute profits to the share-holders. All your expenses related to the business during that time will be reimbursed.

I am inviting all those who will enjoy doing this like me, as a hobby, to join me. Be an architect in this construction and fill life with joy and excitement of seeing the progress everyday.

I know how worse than devil most humans are. If I could not discover something else in human, I would not do this. Bad elements of society will be slowly cornered. ‘Wrong-doers in someway’ will try their best to destroy this initiative because their interests will be harmed if people unite for non-political social improvement. If you can stop people from falling into their traps, there is no doubt that a very good change will come. Nothing to lose in this cooperative fun and improvement work.

We are not aware how much time we could save from our apparently busy life, if we wanted to. All those discussions of politics and society without joint actions are useless. Similarly, we spend time in hundreds of other avoidable and unproductive things. Along with constructive activities, we shall have chatting and all sorts of fun, entertainments, and parties. Then, you will realize that relaxation or most other extra entertainments at home or elsewhere will not be needed. What we shall do is just relaxation and a hobby, in addition to monetary benefit, unless you spoil the joy yourself by not having love for the cooperative. Our work will provide spirited body and mind, bliss, will help resist disease, and extend life. As a result of the increased spirit, energy, and efficiency, you can finish your own essential work promptly and can save time automatically. Those who continuously think and work for self only, have a lower-quality body and mind, becomes dull, and cannot finish work quickly. Selfish people never taste bliss.

Transform the half-dead body to a lively one and enjoy the excitement with us and leave behind some glory too! Discover supernatural joy.

Decades after decades were spent in the hope on rulers. What is the reality? “Obsolete political traditions,” in Einstein’s words, will not provide good society. Now, let us put our hands together for social improvement. In a short time, you will realize what is going to happen. You will not believe your own eyes to see what a change people together can bring in society. Once some excitement is created, millions of others will join. You have to join first to create that initial excitement. By that, you can also own more of the cooperative for the same amount of work than the late comers.

Whatever the political opinion, everybody needs food, cloth, residence, security of life and belongings, justice, balanced liberty, proper upbringing of children, etc. If society becomes a hell and burns all around, your selfishness will not save you. We shall work for these basic things, without regard to political opinions. We shall not do anything which a lot of people will oppose. There are other organizations for other things. There are certain things which are beyond the capacity of any one person to accomplish; however, if accomplished jointly, everybody benefits tremendously. So, please realize that it is for your own benefit and not a sacrifice.

Hundreds of big animals with horns run away from a small cheetah, each one to save own life, thereby, giving the cheetah the opportunity to kill. On the contrary, if the animals stood together, the cheetah could not dare to approach. We are doing exactly the same stupid thing by remaining away from togetherness. There is so much suffering and crime in society because of this foolish aloofness. Everybody is suffering all alone in some way. Through the network, we shall know of crime or injustice instantly and can take actions through the highest authorities because there will be the voice of the people behind us through the network. Once you join the network, we shall solve your problems jointly. You do not have to feel helpless to the powerful, injustice, or bad conditions of society. People’s togetherness will crush them.

If we cooperatively guided the children from the very early age, there would not have been so many delinquents in society. A few lakhs people together can stop sea- water by throwing sand-bags simultaneously. In that place, people of a village suffered for ten years by taking off shoes and walking through sticky mud. This was because of a broken part in the main street, which could be repaired together in a few hours, if someone took the initiative to invite others to repair together. With proper eyes, we can see this foolishness all around. Without awareness and joint activities of the masses, no governments and donations from outside, can make the nation affluent and respectable.

Our network will be like a tamarind tree. The national committee is like the trunk, the district committees are like the biggest branches, the upajela and union committees are the medium and smaller branches, the neighborhood committee is a twig, and a family is a big leaf with the members representing the smallest laminas of that leaf. As all parts of a tree are in contact, similarly, through this network, and Internet and cell phones as nodes or connectors, all people will be in contact to fight jointly any wrong anywhere.

All people will be trained on daily-life useful matters (survival and happy living) through these branches. Some from each district will be trained at the national level. In turn, they will train some from each upajela under their district. In this way the trained persons of a neighborhood will train all people of that neighborhood. So, nobody is left out. Each committee will be trained to be a source of information and guidance (may contact the national source as needed). We need trainers at the national level. Please respond so that we can form a group for each topic. Persons of any specialty will be useful; join and do something according to your interest. However, NGO- and business-lawyers and accountants are of immediate need. Computer specialists to manage our data base and retired Army or Police personnel to guard our convoy of trucks will be needed.

With some success, we can form a partnership with UNO to educate all children. The poorest children may be given food. Fun camps will be organized to motivate, inspire, help, and guide children to realize a better way of happy living, instead of ruining own and others lives. Motivating cinemas can be shown. We will be their models to follow. We benefit more through an improved society than through dishonesty. Dishonest persons run after a mirage. The total happiness in the lives of them and their dear ones is the lowest. Stupid others follow them and society becomes a hell of cheating each other.

Support only in your mind is useless. You have to form a group. Each District Group is the most useful one in the beginning. However, please form a group of cooperators at whichever level you can – district, upajela, Union, and basti or para (in the village, each religious group forms one para), and send to me with addresses and phone numbers. If possible, try to have someone who can communicate through e-mails. Then, please send his/her e-mail address too. Mention your district, upajela, Union, etc. as appropriate so that I can understand your exact location in the net. Let everybody in the group sign a statement expressing interest to work selflessly for building up a big cooperative and taking pride in it.

Mention the beneficial things that should be done for your locality. If there are ideas for the best use of the network, including that of generating money, write those also. Until the cooperative starts producing profit, share within your group the cost of communication from your group.

If you cannot do as simple a thing as forming a group of owners from where you are, there is no other way to form the network. Then, I cannot proceed because my ideas are network-based. Without your forming a group, everything ends here. I am not interested in building my own business. Such an opportunity of owning a cooperative as well as making life secure and joyful together almost never comes. Please do not neglect such a rare opportunity; form an owner-group for the cooperative at your own level.

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