No Time

We all think that way and it is true that there are so many things which we could spend time on. It is really a matter of our prioritization. May God give us light to realize where we are paying the price by such avoidance. Being unable to make an hour out of 168 hours a week means that our sufferings and insecurity, much of which could be avoided, do not concern us enough. Immediate dreams and related tasks are taking priority over far-sighted actions for society and security. If we think why we do what we do, we shall discover that a lot of it is just business as usual without serious reasons. If we record our time spent for various things over a week, we can see the number of hours not used effectively or used for avoidable things. "You will never find time for anything. You must make it."-Buxton, Charles. Many of us do not realize that productive work for a noble mission can be as refreshing and relaxing as all other things we do (spending a lot of time) for that purpose. It has to be discovered through actual involvement.

Actually, all the work done before in 168 hours can be done in 167 hours, because of increased spirit and energy gained through the fun of meeting with fellow good forces, working together for noble causes, and seeing the unimaginable fruits of togetherness. Sometimes, we can do the same work in far less time because of better spirit than needed at some other times. Without sacrificing other work or enjoyment, we can add more joy to our lives. It is a joy to see things taking shape, for which we are the architects. It makes us vibrant and gives us positive attitude. Although after 8/9 hours of work for earning money I have to go to bed for a while, fourteen hours of continuous manual work did not make me tired, when I worked for fun. Without the joy and energy gained, how could Mother Teresa have worked so hard even after the age of 80! "Energy creates energy."- Bernhardt, Sarah. It is just a matter of attitude whether to jump out of the couch and enjoy the excitement of the formation and activities of the United Humankind Organization. This involvement will bring a new meaning and satisfaction in life. There are some short-term pleasures which instead of long-term high spirit, energy, and happiness, leads to lethargy and low spirit. Similarly, when we do not have to worry about work or commitment, we feel some relief no doubt. Unfortunately, it is that same state of free-mind, which leads to low spirit after a while.

Ultimately, when the benefit of the actions of the proposed network will be realized, we shall be benefitting even in terms of free-time because of efficiency everywhere, responsiveness, and reduction of problems and hassles.

Please read the Sections on "Why bother?" and "Let Others Do".

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