Main Idea

By utilizing internet, we can establish a communication channel to be able to communicate to and receive responses from all people on earth within a few days (even a day on an emergency basis). Through this channel, we can (1) locate all people interested in a particular aspect of life or society (2) solicit donation or make advertisements for the highest paying corporations. For improving security and quality of our lives and society in many ways, we have to give guidance and helping hand, reduce evil in various ways, promote far-sight for the maximum total happiness over the whole span of life, through the fun of discussing, planning, and working together 1 or 2 hours occasionally. Government cannot do everything for us and police cannot watch each and every individual. Police fail to solve many crimes. Also, when police get involved, it is too late; both victims and criminals are doomed. We, as a community-family, have to raise children properly so that they do not become burden to society through delinquency, crime, or dependence. It will be fun working with, probably, a billion people and watching the developments. Far-sighted ones should not follow the ones doing harm to themselves and all others through a bad culture of short-sighted aloofness or self-centeredness, and give up making our lives and society better. Bad society is harmful for all.


Animals in a herd run to save each one's own life; thereby, giving the opportunity to the cheetah to kill. Instead, those big animals could stand together and hit the small cheetah with their horns. We are doing the same brainless thing of running 100% for own short-sighted priorities and got used to (so do not realize) a far inferior life than we could enjoy. We hear only a small fraction of crime, suffering, injustice, non-responsiveness, etc. I heard on television that 70% of crimes remain unsolved. Do not blame criminals, helpless people, or any other party. It is really our indifference about society that nourishes all crimes, insecurity, and so much avoidable suffering on earth. Games of politicians and interest groups will not reduce suffering. People should assume their legitimate supreme authority to actively direct the course of society together. We may make various shows and shed crocodile tears but we really do not deeply feel the suffering of the victims of evil. Nothing penetrates our consciousness and we think that devastation, hassle, etc. happen to others. Those who ultimately became victims, also thought the same way and were too busy with own priorities to think about the reality in society and doing something jointly about what ultimately have devastated them.

We can achieve some great benefit for our lives, unbelievably, through fun and excitement instead of any real cost to us, by utilizing internet. People think, "Governments will take care of society and I am supposed to take care of me and my family." I am a government employee. I know that it is a totally wrong perception. On the one hand, no amount of tax-money will ever enable governments to provide safe and joyful societies without people's participation; on the other hand, how much more tax we can really pay, when governments and UNO need a lot of money for any project! We cannot make things right even within government. Almost all government offices are breeding grounds of inefficiency and many government offices are full of corruption, nepotism, favoritism, and politics based on various "isms". Even the enforcement officers are discovered to be involved with corruption. In any case, it is a fact that the existing systems failed to remove suffering, crimes, various other evils, insecurity, inefficiency, and unresponsiveness from our societies .

On the one hand, police cannot watch each and every human being; on the other hand, it is a human nature that even in a reasonably good person, the lower nature tries to creep in or allures the mind to be greedy, if there is none to watch and resist and there does not seem to be a high risk. As an idle brain is the devil's workshop, so a society without citizen's action groups encourages greed and various wrong -doings. "It is enough for the triumph of evil for good man to do nothing." The good forces have to help police. Each of us have to be an informant and together we should resist evil (even mis-behavior), which is encouraged to expand exponentially without resistance. Even the rowdy adults, or children who won't obey parents or teachers, will not dare to repeat misdemeanor once confronted by the whole community.

Theoretically, we can name many places to turn for remedy or help. Practically, even a fighter like me found out that the remedy available, if at all (generally none), is not worth the time and energy spent, the harm done to myself, my family, and my career. Our system is practically unresponsive. The proposed network will provide such a structure that just by a phone call, e-mail, or a stop at a place, any individual can have the whole community, region or township, up to the nation or the whole United Humankind Organization behind him/her for appropriate action and justice. Nobody has to suffer all alone. Just the existence (without having to act on every incidence) of such an arrangement will eliminate most of the evil, inefficiency, hassles, unresponsiveness, etc. (once we have a policy that none of these will be neglected or allowed to go without joint confrontation, action, punishment, or solution). Currently, these things are rampant because they are encouraged to see that almost never there is anything other than an individual trying to fight for a while and then give up.

Einstein- "The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don't do anything about it." I realized the truth of this by being able to make a change. All evil on earth is our own creation because of leaving vulnerable ones on their own to work in devil’s workshops. We have to add new systems (of destroying problems at the roots) to existing systems in order to increase security and happiness in life. Current systems deal with problems when evil (including helplessness and poverty) has matured and surfaced, without destroying the roots. As a result, the tree of evil never dies and spreads evil eternally. Only a contact among people has the tremendous power needed to eliminate the roots of problems; governments or charities cannot do any better.

During 1962-71, I succeeded in helping improve a locality against the initial infinite negativism, skepticism, and ridicule, after involving people through fun. I want all to know that (we are not fully conscious about it) there is a sleeping spirit and an urge to feel good by doing something good in humans. Evil heroes can be turned into noble heroes. People become responsible when they are given the “authority and responsibility” and honored (say, through meetings and newsletters), and preserve their acquired images as well as what they themselves create (peace, cooperation, or whatsoever). Only ˝% time was needed. The excitement and the perception that society was awake, produced the results.

"Society and human culture" is our own thing like our children. With due proprietorship and affection, we have to nourish it, i.e., establish a culture which is beneficial to all. That does not need us to sacrifice anything. Just an average of an hour a week can achieve what governments cannot achieve by spending billions and billions of dollars. The most important weapon is the thunderous voice of the (joint) platform of the reasonably rational or honest people all over the world. This little trick will accomplish miracle for us. The little time of joint planning and working will itself be full of fun, in addition to the unimaginable benefit this will bring in terms of safe and joyful life. This fun of getting together and watching developments, for which we ourselves are the architects, will keep us in high spirit all the time and add new meaning to our life. This will help us to resist the temptation of our lower nature to relax in sleeping, laziness, and other things, which ultimately drags us to low spirit and draggy or lethargic body, and a hellish feeling.

It seems that it is a pleasure to us to form some solidarity based on some "ism" and engage in politics based on it. That solidarity may be even for one minute between two persons, to criticize a third person. These solidarities are harmful in the long-run for all. We can replace it by beneficial solidarities at all levels from very small ones to global. "Oh God! With the powerful brain you gifted us with, how can we not see that we are making each other's life miserable by envy, suspicion, non-cooperation, and by trying to pull each other down, when with all the available resources, including brain power, we could make prosperous, safe , and joyful lives for all by cooperation! How are we letting the negative emotions rule over the brain and, in the long run, all become losers!"

Instead of thinking about our current or future surrounding on which our and our children's security and happiness of life depend, we are after short-sighted selfishness of accumulation of wealth, status, etc. and transient enjoyments. This is like the smartness of those big animals in a herd trying to flee from a small cheetah to save each one's own life . "Everybody for himself and the devil gets the hindpart." Either we all put a small hand together to become winners in the long run or we continue our short-sighted selfishness to become losers in the long run.

Far-sight and realization, generally, do not come overnight. However, all of evil motives or emotions and good motives or emotions are infectious. Once some of us start spreading a culture of positive emotions, thinking, analyzing, realization, and far-sight, people will start catching those slowly. Everything I do becomes a part of human culture. If I harm this culture directly by my short-sighted selfishness or indirectly by not taking care of it, six-billion others will do the same thing, and my gain will be much outweighed by the common harm done by all. If I harm a fellow human being, that is only going to open a door for future harm being done to me.

Thousands of hands are asking for involvement, time, money, etc. for thousands of causes and we choose a few of them. Unfortunately, these millions of scattered initiatives do not carry much weight, their voices are lost in millions of others, and cannot utilize our contributions the most effective way, which is possible for the proposed one network all over the world.

This idea dreamt by some of the great thinkers and reformers was logistically impossible so far. With the availability of cheap means of communication like internet, it is now possible to lead to fruition that dream (please read the section on "Structure"). Just the existence of the gigantic network and the thunderous voice of reasonably rational forces will encourage the "good" and discourage the "bad". Through actual resistance, we can eliminate another chunk. Finally, through helping the sufferers and showing some hopes to hopeless ones, we can eliminate most of the remaining evil and suffering of many. Also, not all are basically as bad as they turned into. Many commit offenses out of frustration arising from the unresponsiveness and injustices in our societies. The criminals and victims are all connected sufferers. To liberate one group, we have to liberate the other group also.

Once the structure is formed, everybody will realize its potential power or influence. Politicians, mass media, and many organizations and corporations will patronize and donors will donate money. Through the e-mail communication network we shall have (and also the media), we can reach almost all human beings, interact, and take actions in such a short time, which was unimaginable before. We can realize all these, if we employ the greatest gift of God or nature, the brain, to contemplate, instead of trying to follow others who do not contemplate.

However, first, some farsighted persons have to join one by one, i.e., one at a time to put hands together and start the domino-effect before a big crowd or noise in the media can be created to motivate others. If everybody waits for the big noise in the media and the big crowd, then how that big crowd or noise can be created! Also, almost everybody thinks (stupidly), “Others will do what is important; good things won’t remain undone just for me.” In this way, none is available to get together to improve our fate. If I can have one determined person like me per country, or one in a million with reasonable interest, or media support, or a few interested celebrities, or a billion dollars (as Ted Turner gave to the UNO), I can show to many others within a few years what I see now: insecurity and suffering, except for those due to natural disasters and diseases for which no remedies have been discovered yet, can be reduced 30% or more in a decade and 80% or more in a generation.

Good things happen because farsighted persons like you support them, inspiring the involvement of others. If even 2 persons can enroll 2 persons each, in several such steps, we can enroll so many people which are enough to start the movement and find one in a few thousand, to do what I, a teenager, could do. Kindly respond to to start the process of enrolling.

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