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This website contains a civilization-changing idea . I waited to earn the seed money. Now, I do not have that nergy once I had. Energetic persons are needed to promote the idea and then accomplish the vision of the organization. This organization is tax-exempt.

** Nobody seems to have yet realized the magical power in the combined application of Repeated Branching and the latest developments in communication, for raising the human civilization to a new height. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are only for communication. They cannot eradicate poverty, immorality, unnecessary human greed, inefficiency, hassles, etc.

* By contemplation, you may be able to discover many useful applications of this magical power. United Humankind Organization (UHO) is to be an umbrella for unified initiatives to make societies secure, just, and responsive, through well-orchestrated Citizens' Action Groups. Compared with all human achievements, how impossible is it for, at least USA, to dig canals in advance to flush flood water from the source of flood water!

I am giving an example of how impossible it is to live in many countries, without bribing. In 1974, I, an assistant professor of the Dhaka University went to pay my property taxes. The tax collector who knew that my father-in-law was the private secretary of the law minister, did not accept my property taxes without a bribe. He told me to go to my father-in-law or the law minister to pay the taxes. If there was not an unwritten license to take bribe, this is impossible. Nobody is afraid of taking bribe because bribe is distributed up to the top leaders. Then, there are tout opportunists who work for those in power and terrorize the powerless masses. No issues regarding the system of governance can be raised because they are basically following the democracy of the West. People's democratic power is, generally, a choice between thieves and turning themselves into slaves of these thieves through eye-wash democracy. Same thing happened in India too, when I went to pay tax on land in 1916.

Einstein called on the peoples of the world to do away with the obsolete political systems. At the end of this home page, there is a link to my write-up of mostly Einstein's visions on civilization. I do not know what was in his mind. I can suggest some small innovations in the current democratic systems, which USA with a hundred percent education rate and the high percent of highly educated persons, can show to the world.

1. - When power is consolidated in the hands of a thousand or less legislators, in the name of Government of the People, by the People, for the people, interest groups or individuals take the opportunity to bribe them directly or indirectly. No country on earth can deny it. In the new system also, the President may have some limited veto power. Matters of National secrets can be dealt as are done currently.

The small reform is to involve the greatest visionaries of the country in voting on other policies and decisions. Those interested citizens passing a high level test will qualify for voting on decisions. They will be given cards with multiple levels of security, to vote through Internet. If the Congress debate on issues and write down the pros and cons for the public, even these visionaries may benefit in voting wisely. Then, nobody can bribe many thousands (or, unknown persons, if the list is not published). No campaign contribution is involved for them.

2. - Establish a very small but powerful Efficiency Unit of government, with the appropriate persons of piercing visions, whose only job is to visit and help all grassroots units of the bureaucracy get well-structured streamlining the work of the employees, so that productivity is multiplied. There are some routine functions which can be automated by computer and other technologies. There are many ways to save the expenses of the bureaucracy, so that this Efficiency Unit can save hundreds of times more than what it will spend. Currently, the grassroots units are Inefficiency Depots.

This Organization

* What we shall do in a cheap place is an infinitesimal part of that magic. If you join, we can apply the magic to other countries or to the whole world.

* Objective : To keep all people in touch and discussion by a method mentioned latter. To establish a cooperative of all people for earning charity money through various businesses, to solve problems, improve localities and lives with that money, to prevent corruption and crime jointly. One day, all human live births will be accounted for and taken care of as in a cruise ship, with education, health care, food for good health, and various training for happy living. It will be society's responsibility to create and provide an appropriate job to each.

Steps Followed:

* The method of forming a network of all people by repeated branching from the national level to district, district to sub-district, sub-district to union, union to neighborhood, neighborhood to household, and the method of communication among all people has been detailed in the Section "Structure" of this website. However, at first, national or state coordinators shall urge people through open letters (you may click open letter to see the too detailed letter) in various media, to form a group of owners for the cooperative at the level where they are. One share of the cooperative will be given to the person taking this initiative and sending the list to the coordinator. People will own shares by their initial work. When profits are generated, commission will be paid.

* This network connecting all people in the country (as the leaves of a tree are connected to the trunk), will be utilized to earn money in hundreds of ways, e.g., by circulating advertisements of the advertisers (or providing audience to interested parties), completing paid surveys and censuses, mail delivery business, manufacturing or buying cheap on a large scale and selling things most people buy, and all other businesses that make the best use of the network.

* The capital can be increased a hundred times faster than usual through a cooperative. Capital can be recycled immediately because our things will not remain unsold even for a half day. We shall declare in advance which things will be sold (from our trucks) in which places and times.

* We shall give some money from the profit to the buyers for the development of their localities. We shall also give guidance for improvements. However, they have to work and raise more money as needed for projects benefiting them.

* A portion of the profit will be spent for honoring and awarding volunteers, enhancing their morale, creating excitement and joy, and for charities of their choice.

All people of the country will be trained on all needed aspects in the following way:

* On each aspect, national experts will be listed. They will prepare training materials by collecting materials from all possible sources world-wide. For each aspect, a few from each district will be trained at the National level.

* These few on each aspect and from each district will cooperatively train a few from each sub-district.

* They will repeat it for a few from each Union. At the Union level, they will train a few from each neighborhood. Neighborhood level will train all residents of the neighborhood.

A few of the needed aspects are: Matters like vocational training and searching for job, self-employment, joint-venture, managing and investing money, health and hygiene, best methods of interactions in family and society and, in general, happy living methods.

A few of the hundreds of possible uses of the network are :

(1) All people can be kept in touch and informed all the time. Even the alleys can be watched and crime prevented. Emergencies can be dealt with immediately.

Useful information on thousands of aspects like job openings, persons looking for jobs, houses for rents, people looking for places to live, things to be sold and bought by individuals, etc. will be at the fingers' tips.

(2) Nobody has to suffer all alone. All evil and oppression, exploitation of and injustices to the less intelligent will be minimized.

(3) With guidance from the upper levels, each neighborhood as a group, can organize fun-camps occasionally and inspire, guide, and help children and vulnerable others to find happy ways of living instead of ruining own and others lives.

Potential delinquents can be detected, treated, watched, and diverted from crime. When police gets involved, it is too late. Both the victims and the criminals are already ruined and a lot of resources are going to be spoilt on these matters.

(4) Evening schools will be established for children working at day-time.

* We will be able to pay far less tax, have much better lives and society, and also have more security and free time to enjoy the beautiful world, because of minimization of evil, inefficiency, and hassle everywhere.

** Charity can be made a hundred times more effective.

Click Einstein for Einstein's visions on civilization.

You may click details for more details.