Governments To Do

At one stage of human civilization, we thought that governments could take care of society by utilizing our tax-money. Now, it is clear that the government is incapable of providing secure, just, honest, efficient, hassle- and suffering- free society. On the one hand, tax-eaters (politicians and government employees) are after their own interests as the rest of us are and on the other hand, they are unable to provide better society without mass involvement. Governments and UNO, generally, need a lot of money for any project. Since there is a limit to tax-money, there is a limit to how much they can do. We foolishly think that some party somewhere is taking care of society.

Governments can only put people to jails at high cost. As a government employee, I see how hopeless things are and how impossible it is for governments to provide ideal societies. We cannot make things right even within the government. It is all politics of various groups, of "employee numbers", and budget, etc. Bureaucrats expand their offices unnecessarily to increase their image as director of so many employees. They are busy with their own name, fame, promotion, and various fantasies, leaving the offices in inefficiency. They do not structure or stream-line employee functions for efficiency. Sometimes, we find even the enforcement agencies involved in corrupt practices. Because human character is so low, the general government rules have to be very strict, which become inefficient, costly, or ridiculous in certain circumstances. In some countries, national leaders and police are partners with evil powers. Even in the best countries, we know the games of politics and interest groups, fooling people, inefficient use or mis-use of tax money, and business as usual.

Just saying governments to do or individual complaining will not serve any purpose; we together have to make governments to do and also help them as needed. There are many reasons why governments or police alone cannot provide us a happy society. We may pay others to raise our children; however, there will neither be the bond of love nor shall we like the finished product. It is our society, with due proprietorship and affection, we all together have to make it better for the common benefit of all. No amount of tax-money can do it; there are certain things money cannot buy. Our problems are many and, therefore, our attempts for solutions have to be from many fronts. It is time to wake up in a new era, have far-sight, and jointly establish a surrounding which won't deprive us of the opportunity of fully enjoying the advancements of human civilization.

Each community has to take care of some problems; governments cannot take care of everything. Each community has to raise their children properly, as a group. Short-sighted or blind affection for children preventing early detection and treatment of behavioral problems will harm those problematic children the most and then all others. When police has to get involved, it is too late. Through activities for society, I could realize the infinite potential of neighborhood get-togethers and activities. Criminals grow and crimes brew in some neighborhood on this earth. Police cannot watch each and every individual. If in every small neighborhood, we work as the eyes and ears and partners for our governments, then only governments can be fully effective.

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