Why Gigantic?

In spite of possible criticism, there is no substitute for UNO. Similarly, nothing else can fill up the missing link other than this sister social network, UHO, which is prallel to the politico-administrative network from the lowest level to the national government and UNO. Please read the section on "Activities and Services" to see that none else is doing those things or capable of doing those. A better world dreamt by many great men, can now be achieved utilizing internet. On the one hand, governments and other organizations engaged in the work for human benefit cannot be fully effective without mass participation; on the other hand, security and joy of our lives are too important to leave totally to the games of politics, interest groups, inefficiency of governments, etc. Not only that the social network of private citizens can accomplish certain things much cheaper and straighten out the governments by pressure as well as cooperation but also it will provide us nearly 5-billion pairs of eyes and ears to know what is going on in even in blind alleys. Oppression, exploitation, and suffering cannot go out of the sight of the main stream.

The new organization will have unimaginably huge capability for instant communication among almost all people on earth and huge influence or power for inspiration and action, because of involvement of all hands at all levels, which no other existing organization has. UNO is a matter of its employees (and so money) and national governments; most of the people are not involved. Since there is a limit to money, there is a limit to how much they can do. Some enjoy planning and working together voluntarily for improving society. While a million of initiatives are trying to utilize this for the mutual benefit of those persons and society, this utilization can be increased a lot by the new method. The new network will have the maximum possible capacity for both inspiring and involving people as well as deterring evil and motivating people towards good (currently goodness does not pay much). Most of those who can grasp the idea will be instantly inspired.

Current systems deal with problems when evil (including helplessness and poverty) has matured and surfaced, without destroying the roots. As a result, the tree of evil never dies and spreads evil eternally. Also, when evil has stricken, the victims and those infected by evil are already doomed. Only a contact among people has the tremendous power needed to eliminate the roots of problems; governments or charities cannot do any better. I did something at the grassroots level and doing some more will not change human culture or this earth (until the proposed system is established, any initiative is praiseworthy, however). This gigantic network will not only be equivalent to a million scattered initiatives but will be many-times more effective and inspirational than the net effect of those and will have the mightiest voice on earth because of all-hands involvement from the international level to grassroots levels and synergistic effects. So much of human time, energy, and other resources are spoilt because of inventing the same wheel a thousand times because of isolation or a non-harmonization culture.

There are many persons who have not given their hearts to any of the existing voluntary initiatives because they know that the part they play does not result in a huge benefit. They get irritated by so many hands (appeals through personal contacts, flyers, letters and many other ways) all around asking for money and time, but would be inspired by and give their hearts to one unified, world-wide, all-hands involving, and sensation creating organization because such an initiative would be the most effective one. Because of a chapter at each level, actions can be taken the most effective way at the appropriate level: community-family level to human-family level. Under UHO, the umbrella organization, and its supervision, there will be scores of Sections. Each Section will deal with an aspect of humanity, e.g. poverty, justice, crime, functional education on vocations, earning and managing money, physical and mental health and hygiene, best methods of interactions in family and society, far-sight, fun. We will be able to locate all persons interested in a particular aspect of society, using our established communication channel.

Unless for the mysterious negativism, it is easy to form the network described in the section on "Structure". Through this structure, we can reach and motivate people all over the world instantly, make our voice heard by everybody. The mass media cannot give coverage to a million initiatives constantly but will be able to give full coverage everyday to such a unified initiative. There is no power on earth, which will dare to make this network unhappy. Only with the existence of the structure, everybody will realize its potential, even before any actual work. The network can organize a movement against any injustice, unjust policy, or product, or recruit volunteers for emergency disaster needs, in one or a few day(s). Even without any formal advertisement, just the announcement of a big donation to this network will work as the greatest circulating advertisement. If we want we can solicit donations and put a few advertisements for the highest-paying advertisements.

We will comb through a branching process so that no one who is far-sighted enough to realize the benefit or can be persuaded in any of many ways (we shall have various types of fun along with planning and working together), to donate a few hours, is missed. Even 1% "understanding people" means, a caucus of 60-million people. Such a gigantic caucus or umbrella covering from the international level to each community, can do and undo many things non-violently. It will succeed by its own weight.

Even a national network from the national level to the community cannot deter national evil powers or create the same sensation. Communities have to be continuously engaged by upper level involvement for prevention so that none become a burden to society through dependence or delinquency. Also, nobody will change in advance of all others to lose. Only when we all agree to change simultaneously and work jointly to improve our lives and societies, a good change is possible. The chain of business as usual (in politics and interest groups, government offices, societies, etc.) can never be changed, without a gigantic structure involving all-hands to kindle the fire of inspiration everywhere at the same time. Currently, we put blame on somebody or something else. We all lost hope and turned negative, thinking that everywhere it is just false assurance; nothing will change. This historic organization will remove that negativism and give a new hope to all parties that business will no longer be as usual.

In small initiatives, the inspiration or culture-change is small and vulnerable to the surrounding culture, i.e., bad apples spoil the good apples. Scattered initiatives cannot eliminate deep-rooted problems. Only a unified and simultaneous crusade can bring a good change and maintain it. Unbelievably, to start with, we need only one person per country, preferably with an e-mail address, to spend 1% time (other volunteers less than 1%). These co-founders of this important milestone in the 1st decade of the new millennium, will receive the permanent recognition in history, even if they choose not to spend any more time later. We shall interact to find a way to do more effectively what we want to do and try to get some more national representatives through personal contacts and announcements through various media.

Without any legal or moral foundation or public support, the evil power becomes strong and wide-spread because others do not unite to fight back. It is like each big animal in a herd fleeing away from a small cheetah to save its own life (foolish selfishness) instead of standing together and attacking the cheetah with horns. In my teens, I tried to improve society and faced an ocean of ridicule, neglect, negativism, and opposition. After enduring these for three years, I succeeded in inspiring people. The excitement of joint thinking and working itself was a great reward. The improvement in our society and lives was a bonus. All these could have been achieved much more easily, if there were a celebrity or a big network behind it. Then, let us have a big network to inspire the communities!

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