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Friends: Let us start the new millennium with new enthusiasm and activity for a better world. Let us not allow this opportune time, the juncture (at least a decade for millenniums) of two millenniums endowed with all the cheap and simple means of communication like E-mail, pass fruitlessly. "Everybody for himself and the devil gets the hindpart." Honest persons are deprived of their right shares in the current societies. Let the positive forces of the world establish a communication among themselves and welcome the new millennium or era with a new hope and promise of human inspiration, cooperation, and happiness. No big deal is involved to start with. By promoting as a hobby cooperative volunteerism, an hour a week, through publicity and other communications, let us get a network of committees formed by a five- or six-step branching, and see what we want to and can do.

Number and size counts. Just the gigantic size of the organization and the connectivity to people at all corners of the earth, should create inspiration in people's mind and a thunderous voice, which no power on earth, especially democratic ones, would dare to ignore so easily. Even the lip services at all corners of the earth may have a far-reaching effect. The opinions expressed by this united force all around repeatedly may eliminate a lot of evil and negativism. Organized exchange of special experiences of individuals, other information, education, and motivation may go a long way. Most of those who do not live in those areas, do not have any idea about the millions of injustices and terrors created by exploiters in many remote corners of earth. Even in the 21st century many people will be living sub-human and unhygienic lives and suffer in many ways, mostly because of ignorance. Is it not too much evil even what is known through the news media?

Can anybody see the outburst of human frustrations over the bad systems of societies, especially the blindness and deafness to sufferings of individuals caused by others, in organized or individual unimaginable crimes against honest or innocent human beings, including terrorism, the bombing- and shooting-sprees all over the world? Just one of the thousands, is the killing-spree of innocent people by an Engineering Professor of a N.American university. If the society or the world continues to be what we have, it would be no wonder if millions follow him! Governments are looking for answers by every means possible. I can guarantee that no amount of rules and regulations and money will do, unless so much as to recruit a huge number of citizens of integrity and determination into the police force, which is absurd. Only those who serve out of inspiration (to be judged through selflessness) are almost sure to be persons of such character. Hence, until some such persons from every neighborhood are not directly involved into the well-being for all (through inspiration), we shall only create a new problem by solving an old one.

A complete analysis of the current avoidable sufferings (amusingly, we do not even realize some of these: suffer but forget about it) of all or some human beings and the benefit of getting together, not only in stopping evil but also in increased efficiency and prosperity, will need several times more space than I have taken below. Also, probably, I do not know many of them.

No explanation is needed in saying that sins even worse than animals can commit are committed by human beings. A high percentage of human beings commit less serious crimes and most people are full of negativism. However, that is not the only story about human. Through the news media we hear the inspiring news of sacrifices and endurance of noble persons accomplishing incredible things individually or by organizing. What the world will be, depends on the net balance of the far-sight and initiatives of the noble or average hearts vs the evil.

We do not have to give up good human qualities and greetings to fellow human beings because there are some who would not reciprocate or even do harm to us in some way. There may be 95% people whose (philosophical and psychological) understanding, except in some scientific matters, is no better than that of the most far-sighted person some five-thousand years ago (Upanishadic ideas might have come before that). I have love and respect for all. However, we do not have to take their comments as truths without serious scrutiny. There is absolutely no reason to believe that Buddha, Christ, and the creators of Upanishads and Geeta, who gave up sense-enjoyments and made other sacrifices for the benefit of mankind, were fools. We have to change the norm slowly in an almost invisible way.

Both evil and nobility are infectious. Once nobility can be made the culture of mankind through some initiative, everybody would enjoy the fruits for a long time. There are some who will never see the light. However, someday they will die and a new generation will grow up that will be familiar with nobility.

Let the politicians do politics with our tax-money; we shall cross the national boundaries and all other narrow "isms" for human inspiration, nobility, cooperation, and do-able initiatives with our "an hour/week" as a hobby (this is really not a sacrifice but a wise or sophisticated work for ourselves), for the common benefit of mankind. Just the news will inspire many to unite locally, and take courage and find new strength to fight against evil, and the hopeless to look out for new hope.

It is possible to get rid of the stupidity or curse of short-sighted selfishness, anger, mutual destructions or harms because of all sorts of narrow "isms" or solidarity and politics, cheating, hatred, suspicion, and blind following of all sorts of bad conventions of the society (i.e. change the direction from negativism and satanism to positivism and nobility) through publicity and initiative for global inspiration, cooperation, motivation, guidance, activism, etc., by means of a network of organizations called the United Humankind Organization (UHO) described later.

The little sparks of love all over the world can unite to a fire of infinite power. Some like me will dedicate the rest of their lives. Millions of people are already donating time to various organizations or activities, with the understanding that they are serving some great purpose. But alas! Those activities are not of much influence. Once we can convince people about the tremendous impact of UHO, many of these existing donors and millions of others would join. Most of the able retired persons and others without extreme pressure of work should be available. People do not, in most cases, get inspired without a big wave. Therefore, I have not discussed these things with others except a few. About a half showed interest to do the little they can do.

Two parties become enemical and start fighting based, sometimes, on as triffling a matter as you can imagine, leading to, sometimes, unimaginable harms or even murder. What a wonder that the mediation (including psychological means) by the society to stop all these foolishnesses is regarded as a sign of a low- class society, while the opposite should be true!

I always found that most human beings are full of negativism and suspicion, and instead of encouraging, ridicule and oppose. They think that nothing can be done without a huge amount of money even to start with. Others would say good words or "Bravo!" and invent excuses for not being able to join. What a hopeless situation I faced in trying to form an organization after my Grade (Class) XII examination!

However, later I discovered that the human spirit is not dead; deep down this hopelessness is sleeping the spirit. If the leaders are persistent and can survive a few years, then others start joining one by one with the awakened spirit. Oh yes, without determination and sacrifices from some, in the beginning, everything will end up in jokes (we should not expect the rare magics that happen on earth). A lot of initiatives would be needed to collect grants and donations in the beginning ( a few persons in each country can apply for the tax-exempt status for the whole network of U.H.O. in that country). With a moderate amount of good work, it is easier to get money than dedicated involvement. However, once we succeed in making the U.H.O. a "fashion of the day" through some good work and publicity, there would be a rush for millions to join.

When so many people are available to go on suicidal ventures (like suicide-bombing), so many burn themselves in protest (against Govt. decisions or such other moves), some are getting themselves crucified in inspiration following Christ, etc., can we not get 1% people to donate a few hours a week by trying to inspire? There is magic in inspiration. This 1% means nearly 60-million people!

What a simple but consequential may be the establishment of a communication among the noble hearts, giving rise to a thunderous voice of global togetherness by positive forces, the penetrating power of persistence, inspiration, and joy and satisfaction in life! No noble initiatives go in vain, even if they may appear unsuccessful currently; they leave marks for some future generations to carry on. If we gave up by the first disappointment, we would not have even 10% of what humans have achieved so far.

There are many humanists and positive forces, who discovered longer lasting joy and satisfaction in the noble spirit and love than in sensualism and ego. All what is needed is some initiative to organize and doing what they really can do. They appear feeble because of not uniting and because very few of such people have the national powers. Very few of such people would like to enter into nasty politics and even if they do, most of them would not succeed in winning votes because they cannot go so down or mislead people so much as to properly encounter their opponents. We do not have to follow the negative forces and the short-sighted and near-animal people and change our love to hatred. Through persistence, we can gradually make the negative forces shrink and make the positive forces take their places. We shall make those, who would have shown dedication to our ideals, capture national powers through votes.

Many could achieve a lot for mankind not because they had any magical power but because the love for God's creation made them bold enough to put their shoulders to things which all others thought impossible and to endure. Since most people suffer from negativism, no great deeds involving others were ever done without hurdles and disappointments. We must not lose hearts. The more the hurdles, the more determined we will be! God will make the truth triumph; we shall have to be His machines only.

Currently, we are assuming that by paying taxes, marking some ballot papers, and spending rest of the time in all sorts of selfishness and sensualism, we shall be happy. I also ran after happiness and finally realized that this is short-sightedness in this condition of the world or society. How can one be happy when one has to worry all the time about the hyenas all around and other insecurities! We are building dream worlds on the foundation of explosives. There are thousands of fools who show egos and the attitude, "Survival for the fittest". Then one day the unfittest one guns down one of these fittest ones.

Police, courts, and politicians cannot provide a happy society without mass involvement (to help them). What mass involvement can do through a few hours a week from each, out of inspiration (as a matter of fact it is a wise work for ourselves), UNO, Governments, or any other oganizations cannot do. Moreover, there are certain things, which are nobody's job but if taken care of by the citizens jointly, would be of great benefit to all.

Without promoting humanity and human brotherhood or togetherness and its thunderous voice of righteousness, and eliminating "might is right," conspiracy, and unseen exploitation, violence, and narrow "isms," no billionaire or "superpower"-citizen can be reasonably sure to be able to avoid some big shocks in life, in a scientific age, when any frustrated person can kill hundreds of people. When all what I care about is ordinary sensualism and no inspiration or noble mission, what use is there of my money, promotion, and ego, when I am shot dead?

I have no complaint against those who have to spend the last ounce of energy and all the time just for two meals a day. Others thinking themselves so over-worked that cannot afford a few hours a week for getting together is simply "penny-wise pound-foolish" illusion or madness. So much of miseries, each of us is sharing in one way or the other, could be easily eliminated with just a little initiative! The pressure of work at one phase of my life was a half of that of another phase; still, I never thought that I had any free-time. If I were not serious about this initiative, I wouldn't have time to do this.

By contemplating on the human history, we can see what a track of fanaticism, racism, "might is right" or unreasonableness, cruelty, mutual destruction, spoilage of resources, security, and happiness, and overall foolishness it is! Even the "Live and let live" policy was totally missing, not to speak of "cooperative initiatives, caring and sharing" which would have enhanced efficiency, resources, civilization, and overall human happiness. What a maturity the human brain is showing, and what perseverance or endurance the human beings have been showing, in certain fields! Side by side, what an unbelieveable immaturity we are still showing with respect to our society or surrounding!

It is our earth, our society; we all (the rational and far- sighted persons) have to take charge of it together (by spending a few hours a week) in partnership with all the Governments, UNO, etc., instead of merely watching the wrong-doers and interest groups spoil everything.

Each of us think that I do not have a single minute to spend in any other way. In reality, most of us can do away with so many things which we spend time on. Just the togetherness of all who believe in these ideas will increase our enthusiasm and energy infinitely. I get tired by working 8 hours for earning money; whereas, I could work 14 hours/day for the organization I founded.

Such involvement increases overall personal productivity and spirit, instead of hampering one's own work. Many will get rid of boredom or depression and find a new meaning in life through the feeling of playing a part in the society and world affairs. This little premium of an hour a week will come back to us ten-fold in benefit. Some benefit may result even in terms of the time we have to work to earn money or the amount of tax we pay, after a couple of years, because of the all-round efficiency in society.

On the one hand, if you can persuade even one in a thousand to join, that is good enough to start with; on the other hand, if you exclude yourself, you are excluding all; this is fact and not fiction. Please do not pass this opportunity. Put a hand and you won't believe your own eyes and ears to see and hear what we together may achieve in a few years because of the spirit.

Sometimes, a little initiative results in tremendous benefit. An example: In my village there was a broken part in an important road. Everyday, it occurred a few hundred times that a villager had to take off his/her shoes, walk through the mud and water, go to a water reservoir to wash the mud off the feet before wearing the shoes again. This was going on for several years; whereas, this nuisance could be get rid of in a few hours, if somebody took the initiative to invite others to jointly repair the road.

The best years for me in my life have been those nine years when I took initiative for the betterment of the locality around me. ( I can guarantee that most people will be able to discover the joy in the hobby of cooperative-voluntary work, in watching things take shape, and in the feeling of being the builders of those things, if they get involved full-heartedly for a few years.) Also, that activity is one of the few things in my life, which I am proud of or take satisfaction in most. All other pains and pleasures passed away like dreams; they do not matter to me now. Thus, the ordinary pains and pleasures of the next twenty years will not count much afterwards. I will look for what meaningful things I did in my life. I could inspire even some such boys to join to the cooperative-voluntary work, whose night meal depended on their day's work. Once the spirit can be infused, it is ever-lasting.

There are many more good persons than evil persons. The evil force appears stronger because the good persons do not unite and fight against evil persistently. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Since society does not reward the honest and punish the evil appropriately, many persons basically desirous of being honest resort to dishonesty or even murder out of frustration. Theoretically, there is justice. In reality, majority people suffer helplessly because of evil-doers or the bad system of society. Very few can afford investing in the fight against these without a united stand.

Once the network of the U.H.O. can be formed (as proposed below), just the magnitude of the organization will terrify wrong-doers, make the national powers care for what the organization says, arouse infinitely the spirit of those who are involved, and encourage donors to donate money. This spirit will get things done. With some initiative, it should not be very difficult to make it a requirement for all students, earners, or any capable individual to work at appropriate times for the organization. In addition, we can provide some incentive by honoring the best workers and even by paying money when becomes available in the future.

A small cheetah can kill a big animal because each in the herd of big animals starts running frightened in the hope of saving itself, instead of trying to stand collectively in defense. In a defensive position they could kill the cheetah by their horns, if the cheetah dared to approach. With all the thought-power, we human beings are making the same mistake.

So many evils are around us but each of us love to think that somehow I and my dear ones shall escape them and, therefore, let me earn money and enjoy life. I do not consider any problem as serious enough to spend my time and energy, unless I or one of my dearest ones is directly affected by it. Unfortunately, when I shall be a victim and will try to do something about it by inviting others, nobody will help me because I never helped anybody or was concerned about it until I became a victim myself.

Swami Prabhupada came to U.S.A. empty-handed and with ill health at the age of 69 and managed to establish ISKCON and temples in 123(?) countries in his remaining life of eleven years. If a penny-less person could change even the faiths of educated and rich people (his first disciples), why can't we together do something for the common benefit of all without changing anybody's faith!

Let us exchange ideas, sort out a plan, and do something to set the stage for the new millennium. None of you have to spend much time or money. The idea will be to involve many people through networking and procure a little from each. We shall discuss all the meaningful proposals which are at the global level and involves only one "ism," humanism, and is not being taken care of by any one of the existing thousands of organizations. Through communication, new ideas will develop. My own proposal (one of many that others may make) is to first create enthusiasm through all the media and build up the following network : A Central Committee with representatives from each country. Then a National Committee with representatives from each State or Province of that country. In this way State or Provincial, County or Divisional, etc. Committees in succession down to the neighborhood level.

Two types of initiative are possible: (1) local, the type I organized after my Grade XII examination in one locality and (2) inter-neighborhood, inter-region, etc. up to international.

Please tell individuals that nobody is asking for their money, no survey to fill out for some business purpose, and nobody is asking for their votes. There is no "other" party. It is "we all together," for our own benefit. Within a country, the power is in number, the common people. Currently, it is instead in the hands of interest groups because the common people foolishly gave up that power by not creating a gigantic voice through a caucus, and are not even aware of it. For some influence on a politician, one either has to donate or raise donations by an amount proportional to the influence desired. Through this caucus, we shall have full influence on not one but all politicians without paying a single penny.

Currently, our choice is between voting for one who went against the interest of "most" people 50 times and one who did it 51 times (if we seriously studied their actions). Their strategies for winning votes, getting money, and fulfilling the demands of the sources of money are what count to them. There were very few politicians who neglected these and fought for the benefit of all because they knew that the common people can be easily fooled, and it is not the sincere and righteous one behind whom they rally.

Our right share is much more than what we have now. We lost our security against crime and injustice and the right to peacefully enjoy the fruits of our hard work. It is time to wake up in a new era, have far-sight, and jointly establish a surrounding which won't deprive us of the opportunity of fully enjoying the advancements of human civilization.

I know the infinite negativism on the surface of the human nature. Right in the beginning, people cannot believe it. Fine! Let them at least give a try by enrolling, going to the meetings, and accomplishing one or two small tasks at a time, by donating less than 1% of their weekly 24x7= 168 hours. Of course, they can bring their problems for solution. Solving jointly our problems is the whole purpose of it! Then the spirit sleeping deep down the surface will wake up and they will discover a new source of joy.

That infinite far-sight of Christ, Buddha, seers of Upanishadic truths, etc. cannot be expected from many. However, when our brain has evolved so much over a million years, can we not have this little far-sight of doing good to ourselves through cooperative initiative? So many things like the Olympic Games have been being organized to promote internationalism. Now that the E-mail opportunity is available, let us hit the target directly and achieve the real thing. Being deprived of the responsibility of thinking and doing for the common benefit of all, common people developed antagonistic, negative, defying, maniac, and criminal attitudes over a million years.

Some will enter the organization with a motive to destroy it. They will mis-guide those who can be trapped, introduce politics, create disagreements and chaos. They will not be able to hide their characters for long. The organization would be made clean of such characters, stopping whom in the society at large is the most important purpose of this organization.

Would you kindly suggest some names of leaders who would be highly interested in being members of the Central Committee and in this endeavor? It would save some time and correspondences, if each of them write a letter expressing interest along with a few words about himself/herself, and an E-mail address if available. In addition to other leadership work, these members would be responsible for forming the National Committee. Of course, just forming a committee at any level without finalizing any vision or mission statement, in the absence of a committee at the upper level, is not a problem in itself. Therefore, you or somebody else may take the leadership to form as many committees (at different levels) as possible, to be affiliated with the main network later.

I am trying to send this invitation to a few leaders and News Papers of each country. Would you kindly publicize the matter and persuade others to join, as much as possible on your part?

After the establishment of the network, concrete work may start. There may be flow of ideas and proposals from any level to any other level, upward or downward. However, it is more natural for the Central Committee to be the central coordinator, with inputs from lower levels. Even the easiest initiative or activism at the global level may work magic in enhancing the solidarity of mankind and enthusiasm. Just by boycotting (jointly) certain things, we can eliminate some ills from the society.

Very few will refuse to spend a few hours in teaching others what they know. Educating those who need, on various aspects of survival, money management, small businesses, health and hygiene, frequently needed simple repairs, interaction with others and living with differing views, precaution against wrong-doers or hazards, simple laws of the land, etc. will be of great benefit. This can be done through fun, with no or minimum cost. Movies are great tools for inspiring, motivating, and educating people. In addition, a few movies showing how wrong-doers ultimately suffer may change some wrong-doers.

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