The formation of committees was not systematic in the beginning. Whoever came forward based on my appeal in the news paper were included. Divisional Committees were formed. Then district committees were formed. In some of the districts, the process progressed faster. So, at one time, 15 thousand committees were formed, proving the power of branching.

The process is like this:

* Each District Chapter will have a few contact persons from each sub-district within that district. How?

* Either by joint efforts or by assigning a few volunteers at the District Chapter for each sub-district.

* Can have Sub-district contact persons either through acquaintances or by going to that sub-district.

* Explain to the sub-district contacts the method of repeated branching, how this network of all people will be used to earn money, educate all on daily-life useful matters, to fight injustice, and for improving society and human lives. Jobless poor will be employed for the cooperative and the profit from the cooperative will go for the benefit of each locality one after another. Other volunteers will be compensated when money is earned.

* The sub-district contacts will form a Sub-district Chapter with more people.

* They will repeat the previous method for the Unions under that sub-district.

* When a Union Chapter is formed that chapter will repeat the same method for all the neighborhoods under that Union.

* After the network is completed, there will be a main contact person and an assistant contact person at each level, for communication.

* At each neighborhood, a main messenger and an assistant messenger will be assigned for some 20 or so families.

* They will take messages to the families and collect information from those families.

* The collected information will be given to the neighborhood contact.

* The neighborhood contact will deliver the consolidated information to the Union contact.

* If tabulation is needed, the template will be supplied in advance.

* The Union contact will deliver the information to the district contact. For upward communication, sub-district and divisional levels are not needed.

* The Divisional level may not have much function other than supervision of the District level.

* The district contact will deliver the information to the National contact.

* Various surveys can be completed with a little variation and more training and scrutiny of the above method.

How messages will go from the National contact to all people of the country? :

* Almost all districts have access to e-mail. The few that may not have will be contacted by cell phones. For the rest of the districts, a push of a button will send the message to all districts.

* The district contact will contact the sub-district contacts under that district by cell phones or by whatever other means appropriate.

* The sub-district contact will contact the Union contacts under that sub-district by cell phones or by whatever other means appropriate.

* From the Union level, generally, messages can go to the neighborhood contacts through people. The neighborhood contact may be asked to come to the Union contact to collect the information.

* A few alternatives are possible for distributing our newsletters or magazines containing advertisements.

* Each family may receive a copy. Or, everything including the advertisements may be read in neighborhood meetings (one or more).

Why do I expect people to listen to me?

* They are listening for the improvement of society. Some want to be co-founders with me. If not, Current or future money will make them listen. There will be jobs for jobless poor.

* Also, for position, name and fame, visibility, honor and awards in meetings, excitement, fun. Persons whose evening meals depended on their day's work used to join our voluntary work for fun.

* For improved neighborhood, locality, society, and national pride.

Non-Specific Details

* If helping hands are available, the vision can be applied to the whole world all at once.

* I am sacrificing my life and my life's savings and begging for an atom of your support because I have a vivid vision that we can make society much better without much money.

* Just the existence of a joint voice or forum will work magic.

* You may read Goal, Why Gigantic, Constitution, and Activities/Services, to guess what the United Humankind Organization will be like.

* I shall spend as much time as needed to explain the vision to you and the celebrities and media you have access to.

* No real sacrifices are needed. There will be a lot of fun. You can also involve others in the network to organize the type of fun you enjoy or for something you want to do in life.

* Life has to be sacrificed for doing a big project all alone. However, doing wih an atom from each, does not need sacrifices.

* So, if we can reduce suffering and make society safer without sacrifices, why not do it!

* This one initiative will provide results more than those of millions of initiatives. Because others cannot create the inspiration and power that can be created by this all-hands organization. They cannot fight evil. Media, governments, and others can support this unique organization well but not mushroom like organizations.

* There will be many sub-networks under the main network. Each sub-network will deal with one seed of problems. Each person can get involved with whichever sub-networks they are interested in.

* This is a permanent system so that anybody can do something for society whenever they want depending on the mood and from wherever they are, and these can be channeled to create great human benefit. Nobody has to worry about anything.

* This mega-caucus is for fun as well as for solving all other problems and inconveniences of human lives, except political, religious, etc. which divide people. Just its existence will shoo away most evil.

* For reducing human suffering and our insecurity, an infinitesimal amount of concern for society, along with the free enterprise and individualistic system is needed. 100% individualism or aloofness from society will make society tilt towards a miserable society.

* United Humankind Organization can be formed more quickly, if media and/or celebrities or even ordinary people (a few in a million) support.

* Words of mouth and e-mails can spread wide and create news for all to join.

* Discover how infinitely enjoyable is seeing everyday the baby of your little joint interest flourish. I discovered.

* Own success through raised spirit and energy. You will be surprised to see the benefit to yourself.

* Read “How Volunteering Can Lead To A More Fulfilling Life And A Better Career” by J. Raynolds.

* Some suffer and do not know what to do. We do not guide them; so, evil guide and make them evil.

* When we remain busy with self, others will be busy working in devil's workshops.

* Einstein said that our socio-administrative systems are obsolete. The current scattered beneficial systems, mainly dependent on money, cannot do any better.

* We have to come out of that boxed-thinking and establish an additional totally different type of system less dependent on money, which will take over-viewing and inspiring roles and actions, in cooperation with all existing systems.

* Politics will always be politics as usual and cannot make the world much better.

* In many countries, the only choice is to elect among alternative evil forces.

* Roots of problems are not destroyed; the same problem grows repeatedly. Our resources are exhausted due to this and duplication of efforts.

* We together form society, we together have to cooperate and force existing systems out of inefficiency. Trillions of Dollars can be saved.

* Scores of big wild animals with horns run away from a small cheetah, each to save own life. In reality, they give the cheetah the opportunity to kill one. On the other hand, if they stood firm together ready to attack, the cheetah would be far away. We are doing the same thing against our cheetah, the inconveniences, insecurity, crime, hassles, and suffering.

* United Humankind Organization (UHO) is the non-Governmental, social, volunteer, people's (instead of governments') counter-part of UNO. UHO is to be an umbrella for unified initiatives to make society secure, just, and responsive, through well-orchestrated Citizens' Action Groups from the one at the international level to around 300 at the national level, to ... millions at the neighborhood level.

* With so much development, there is absolutely no reason for so much suffering, except for our stupidity of not getting together and acting, or a curse.

* This is all about own benefit through far-sight instead of the current self-harming through short-sighted selfishness and aloofness from society.

* I have the experiences that people can be inspired to do social work, first by involving them through fun activities and hoopla. A group is needed to start with.


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