Why Bother?

I am having so much fun, why bother? Earn money and enjoy. May God give us light to realize where we are paying the price by such attitude and avoidance. First of all, what appears to be a botheration, will turn out to be a new source of tremendous joy or good spirit and satisfaction in life, in addition to other hundreds of benefits for all. Then, with a minimal involvement of the reasonably rational or good forces, we can make our as well as others' lives much better. We are so busy with ourselves that we do not even know that millions of fellow human beings suffer extremely, due to man-made and avoidable reasons. Many of the others unnecessarily live in negativism, closed hearts, suspicion, etc. (harming each other) and spoil time in lethargy, depression, brooding over envy (or problems many of which would not have arisen, if the good forces were united), and on trifles, in the absence of something exciting to do. Love and joy will replace these, when they can see their importance and how their work changed society to the benefit of all. Most people wish to do something for society once in a while. Let us establish a system by which everybody can do something for society whenever they want and right from where they are.

It is depressing or painful to think of mishaps, although it is occurring all the time around. We like to cling to pleasure feelings from whichever source they may be, by hiding our heads (eyes and ears) under sand about all insecurity around. It is a pleasure to dream about a future heaven and somehow expect that all the mishaps around happen to others. We do that by closing our eyes and ears to the reality and thinking as unreal or foolish, even if some others try to make us see. We have to bother, even if you do not enjoy all the excitement of solidarity and developments, because our existing systems are inadequate for providing us secure, just, efficient, hassle-free, and joyful societies. Because of lack of involvement for society, we are really harming ourselves in an unseen way. We are living floating lives, trying to make short-cuts to happiness by competition with others in money, power, ego, tours and other pleasures, etc.

I also wanted to enjoy life like most others. Then I realized that the dreams of happiness may provide some temporary excitement but such dreams make the shocks of reality in this condition of our societies even more unbearable. Pains either man-made or just because we do not care to eliminate the avoidable ones because of short-sighted selfishness (lack of far-sight), are more prevalent than the unavoidable blows of nature. If one prefers enjoying and dreaming and enduring the shocks, when dreams are shattered suddenly, to putting a small hand together (which is really fun) with millions of others to stop such shocks, by spending only 1% time, nobody can compel one to do otherwise. However, most of the far-sighted persons should realize that this is not a wise preference.

Many of the killing-sprees and other crimes are outbursts of human frustrations and irritations due to unresponsiveness of society. In spite of the existing system with police and courts, most people suffer helplessly because of wrong doers, inefficiencies, and unresponsiveness in society. Very few can invest adequately in the fight against these without a united front. There are persons who get bored with a peaceful life; they get fun in all evil deeds and violence. They can justify publishing or reading " How to kill without being caught". Somebody said, "There is nothing wrong in drug. If you talk about being hooked up, then everybody is hooked up in something: spouse, family, job, etc." Some boasted in being able to cheat others. These persons claim themselves as civilized and superior human beings. If the good forces do not unite, we all have to be victims to a culture promoted by these aggressive people. Most evil powers utilize "divisions" based on various "isms" to achieve their goals.

We have to be amazed with the power of the human brain, when we consider our advancements. I am ten times more amazed with the sufferings of fellow human beings and our insecurity, in the face of all what is available to us. Are we under a spell! If we do not care about security and want to have silly ego and fun until we die or are killed but think it a misfortune (our own creation) when our children are killed, then we do not have to take responsibility about anything. If there is a real will to stop evil, there are definitely ways to at least reduce its manifestations in our lives. For that we have to get a little more involved for society than just paying taxes and casting votes. "I shall continue my dishonesty, hatred, "isms", selfishness, etc. and not care about society but expect a better and secure society to live in" - that is a fool's expectation. When I shall only accumulate and enjoy, others are not going to work to make society secure and joyful. Six billion others are not sitting there to allow me an exception. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction and shapes the society accordingly. We suffer from or enjoy the culture we all establish.

If the above is non-sense to you, sure, why bother,

if you are happy with or want to close your eyes to the reality all around that any moment you or your dear ones may be killed, raped, made crippled, robbed, cheated, falsely implicated as a criminal, subjected to hundreds of hassles and inefficiency, deprived of possessions (burglary is only one way) and opportunities (work, promotion, and so many other things), or

instead of doing what you really can to eliminate avoidable shocks, you want your life and death and everything else depend on a fortune- wheel or the so-called fate, or

if all the sufferings of human beings caused by others or by their own inability, ignorance, deficient upbringing, born ill-nature, mania, or insanity, or just because they do not get guidance, does not bother you, and you think that you can be safe and happy leaving them on their own on this same boat with you and police can provide you security (70% crimes remain unsolved and the criminals are all around), or,

if you do not care about more advances and prosperity (which will benefit you as all others) by the power of cooperation and the most efficient use (eliminating duplicating or overlapping efforts) of human resources, including, brain power, time, and energy, and there is absolutely no problems, no concerns for you ?

We have to bother because "Everybody for himself and the devil gets the hindpart" and "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good man to do nothing." Not bothering is like the smartness of big animals in a herd fleeing to save each one's own life (selfishness) from a small cheetah (and then to die one by one), instead of standing together to attack the cheetah with their horns. Just the suggestion that the parents and teachers should take more initiative is not doing any good; we have to actively start organizing and lead the project to fruition. There is no reason for unnecessary botheration and adoption of scare- crow techniques for this, because, there is no business involved or any benefit to any one or a group of persons other than the huge common benefit for all. Somebody has to start somewhere for opening our eyes to the reality and to the possibilities of better societies and lives.

If we remain non-caring, unethical, etc., how can we expect the lowest category of people to be better than what they are! Because of frustration or lack of guidance, they choose crime as the easy way of life. They care little for their life and image; there is no reason for them to care about ours. Being busy with my dreams is like the wild child not listening to parents or anybody else and paying the price later. Let us not let the society tilt towards a hell for all.

Millions of noble souls sacrificing time, money, etc. are trying to make a difference but there are ways that we can have many times more volunteers and also be a thousand times more effective. Evil expands exponentially, if not resisted. It is so deep-rooted that it can not be eliminated effectively without a unified and intensified (at the same time) crusade by all good forces. With a little initiative for organizing and for partnership with all stake-holders, our lives (part of society) can be improved much more: for some through increased security, discipline, and stability, for some through guidance, and for all through efficiency, general prosperity, justice, caring, sharing, and mutual understanding instead of making each other's life miserable.

It is extremely difficult for Government alone to know all the sources of sufferings of people, crimes, and injustices, etc. and eradicate them. On the one hand, the Governments and non-profit organizations cannot be fully effective without the involvement/cooperation of the people; on the other hand, we should not leave our fate (in the society) totally to the games of politics, interest groups, inefficiency of Governments, etc. (all serving their own interests). We should have a people's interest group. In each neighborhood, there should be a system of caring (knowing all what is going on, resolving conflicts as quickly as possible, stopping disasters before they can occur, all sorts of guidance, etc.), side-by-side the strengthened justice system.

In spite of unexpected progress in thousands of human endeavors, our hearts break (or our dreams are shattered) and/or we miss happiness one way or the other often (for reasons which are removable) because of neglecting an area which is inevitable for our happiness. Nobody seems to realize that it is our society and our life, we have to jointly be partners with our tax-eaters in matters of providing a happy society to us. We may pay others to raise our children; however, there will neither be the bond of love nor will we like the finished product. Our current system is unsatisfactory.

So much experience and knowledge are available to the human race! Yet, majority people on earth suffer because of ignorance about good living or survival techniques: on health and hygiene, earning a livelihood, financial management, family and social interactions, etc. They can be guided/educated by a systematic arrangement/partnership without much cost.

On the dark side, various irresistible attractions, personal dreams, and ego do not allow us to think about anything beyond these. One tries to make a heaven for oneself but the hell around turns it into a hell in the long run (except for a few fortunate ones). If the society is not secure, nobody's life can be secure. We may spend as much as 99% time for our individual lives but not 100%. Either, we all together take care of the society by spending 1% time or, we all lose.

In spite of the existing system of police and courts, most people suffer helplessly because of wrong-doers in our society. Very few can invest adequately in the fight against them without a united front.

That the rate of crimes and other problems is alarming even in the most developed countries, indicates that we need something else in addition to wealth and technological developments. Even today there are other places on earth where it is an anarchy; millions of people suffer but neither they nor others take initiatives to do something about it. Everyday, one hears about dozens of crimes being committed; injustice, deception, inefficiency, and the misuse of power abound.

What can any individual do? Even the Police force is not fully effective without mass involvement. That is why I am taking this far-sighted initiative to form the mightiest fort of togetherness of all, to remove the helplessness of individuals, based on 1% of our time. If we choose to care, can criminals grow or problems brew out of all of our neighborhoods? Often people think foolishly that these things happen to others and not to them. Until we become victims and the pain becomes unbearable, we do not even want to hear these things. However, by then we will find that others will not care. Those who have either far-sight or a heart to do good to society or to sufferers but cannot do much, can discover how mighty they are by uniting with similar persons. Just the existence of the proposed network will scare and deter many evils. Through actual resistance we can eliminate another chunk.

Volunteer work brings a new meaning and satisfaction in life. It makes us vibrant and gives us positive attitude. Without the joy and energy gained, how could Mother Teresa have worked so hard even after the age of 80! Increased enthusiasm and energy will help save the needed few hours from the 168 hours a week. Without sacrificing other work or enjoyment, we can add more joy to our life.

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