On Bombings and Shootings

When shocks of bombings like Oklahoma City bombing of the Federal building or the various shooting-sprees as at Columbine High School, Littleton, Colorado strike us, "Put Headlight On" type of slogan and noises all-around go on and the leaders storm their brains for a while. Gradually everything is forgotten and we go back to the same life/society, being happy with "Tanya Harding, O.J. Simpson, or Monica Lewinsky" type of entertainment and other hundreds of time-killers. With a little thought and initiative, we can replace these time-killers by beneficial fun and enjoyment. We do not realize that we are awaiting more disasters to occur in various forms. As a result, we do not take farsighted steps to stop them at the roots. In the future, more and more less-privileged persons and sufferers due to harassment, non-responsiveness, and unfairness in societies will join the forces of disruption and terrorism. Allowing millions of children die or suffer due to hunger, malnutrition, harmful food and water, lack of sanitation and education on health and hygiene and on survival in general, and lack of any care, we give slogans of "love for life". Our love ends with displaying or flying heart-shaped things.

Can anybody explain to me why scandalous persons become celebrity and multi-millionaire and Einstein or Newton type of persons with so much contribution to our advancements did not have millions? Probably, the answer is that rationality is missing from us. We are led by cheap sentiments, hypes, hypnosis, hooplas, and dramatizations. Thinking and analyzing are missing and most of us lead lives like a herd (of ?). We should have utilized all media mostly for educational and other beneficial purposes. Instead of the invaluable media forming the beneficial taste of ordinary people, we allow the media to be shaped by people of low taste.

Because of my position in society, I have to assume that there are millions of people on earth who are more talented than I am. If even 1% of them apply 1% of their brain for society, I cannot imagine that societies and the human lives are so miserable. Once an otherwise ordninary person was shown on the television who could say the day of the week and all that happened that day, if he was told a date within his life-time. I wonder if God created me with an unusual vision. Otherwise, how all these great leaders cannot see the roots of the problems in our societies!

Police, intelligence, punishment, etc. are temporary solutions on the surface; another shoot will germinate from the root from another direction beyond our imagination. All governments are busy in destroying the leaves only of the tree of evil, leaving the roots intact. Thus the tree is able to grow new leaves and spread evil eternally. We are living floating lives out of the touch of breeding grounds of delinquent minds and even our own neighborhood, so as to make short-cuts to happiness with money, power, ego, tours and other pleasures, etc. and then pay the price later with unbearable shocks. " Everybody for himself and the devil gets the hindpart."

Just by spending a half percent of our time in the fun of joint deliberations and actions through the system I am proposing under the umbrella of an United Humankind Organization, and/or a very small fraction of the defense budget of the world, we can make our lives more secure and joyful. Most of the human suffering, except for diseases and natural disasters for which we have not yet discovered remedies, can be eliminated or reduced a lot. We cannot find that half percent time because we do not have the farsight to see what is going to happen, and even when it happens we can forget tears quickly after making some noises, and can get back to be absorbed with various lollipops or illusions given by nature. O God! You gave the brain; now, you give us the drive so that we think and analyze. Nobody wants to change without shocks. I do not know how many more shocks have to occur before we finally decide to say,"Let us be in touch" (from the neighborhood level to the global level). If you take initiative or respond to the following e-mail address, others will join and if you avoid, everybody else will do the same. When we can stop many of the shocks, if we want, what is the meaning of showing superficial sympathies after a tragedy has occurred, instead of taking real actions jointly so that it could not occur!

Through activities for society, I could realize the infinite potential of neighborhood get-togethers and activities. Criminals grow and crimes brew in some neighborhood on this earth (not out of this earth). If the neighborhood is taken care of everything is taken care of. The neighborhood as a whole has to inspire, guide, and help children (in addition to what parents and teachers can do) to be on a path of happy living instead of ruining own and others lives. If we leave them uncared for and do not create interests in beneficial activities, evil elements (or they themselves) will take the opportunity to create their interests in harmful activities. In addition to all these precautions against terrorism, we need to go to the roots so that today's young kids do not get the opportunity to be brain-washed. If in every small neighborhood, we work together to improve the neighborhood, help each other, work as the partners and eyes and ears for our governments, then only governments can be fully effective. Do not blame criminals, helpless people, or any other party. It is really our indifference that nourishes all crime, insecurity, and so much suffering on earth. Because of broken a link in a road in my village, people had to open their shoes to walk through the mud puddle. Now, because of missing links in society over thousands of years, we have to open our shoes before riding a plane. Games of politicians and interest groups will not reduce suffering. People should assume their legitimate supreme authority to actively direct the course of society together.

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