All our developments gave us means to enjoy life but we have not been able to fully realize their benefit because our boat on which 6-billion people live is not in right order. We are adding through developments but instead of enjoying, which is the the whole purpose, we are engaged in self-destruction and are making each other's life miserable. The proposed network and activities, although so simple and easy to materialize and will, probably, not take even a millionth of a part of human brain, dedication, time, energy, perseverance, sacrifice, and other resources, that were needed for all these developments, will enable us to reach the final target after crossing oceans, i.e., enjoy fully the benefits. In that sense, all our unimaginable successes make it even more important to take that final simple step, without which all those become meaningless.

With this one simple but the most beneficial final step, we can laugh and be merry (with security and stability, i.e., can continue doing so). We can enjoy the fruits of the advancements of human civilization and our hard work without deprivation or shocks and hassles, and can pursue our dreams, careers, duties, missions, and hobbies more efficiently and worry-free. With a little initiative for organizing and for partnership with all stake-holders, our lives (part of society) can be improved much more: for some through increased security, discipline, and stability, for some through guidance and help, and for all through efficiency, general prosperity, justice, caring, sharing, and mutual understanding instead of making each other's life miserable.

Everybody will have the scope to realize the full potentials of his/her life. Most people wish to do something for society or others once in a while. Once we have the network with the presence of a chapter at every neighborhood on earth, they can do this whenever they want and right from where they are and each and every human being will have a place to report any problem he/she is facing, whether created by others or not. Especially, those who will make sacrifices for society, society will take care of them through this network.

Many crimes and other bad incidences are, either outbursts of human frustration due to, or encouraged by, unresponsiveness or lack of action in our societies. Some adopt violence to be heard. We shall use the non-violent but thunderous voice of at least a billion people to be heard. After the proposed network is formed, no wrong-doing, mis-behavior, hassle , unresponsiveness will be allowed to go unchallenged without appropriate punishment, actions or solutions. Nobody has to suffer all alone helplessly. Just a phone call, e-mail, or stop at a designated place, will enable any human being to have behind him (actually behind justice) the whole community, region, up to the nation or even the whole UHO, if needed.

Before going on a shooting-spree or other methods of taking revenge, or to court, people will have an organization to help them impartially. Just the existence of this system will encourage the "good" and discourage the "bad" and eliminate most of the evil, even without having to resist. Through actual resistance, where needed, we can eliminate another chunk. Finally, through helping, we can eliminate most of the remaining evil and suffering of many. Actually not all are as bad as they turned into. Once they can see responsiveness and justice in society, they will join the good forces.

Ultimately, when we can achieve efficiency and responsiveness and reduction of problems and hassles, the benefit will be also in terms of time available for enjoyment and less tax paid. We can achieve these by reducing sufferings and by showing some hopes to hopeless ones. The criminals and victims are all sufferers; now, both parties will be liberated. All steps will be taken so that youngsters are properly raised to be responsible citizens. We can earn all these benefits through the fun of getting and working together with like-minded people, which itself is a benefit. When this cost,if at all, is a half percent time and is rather a benefit, how foolish are we not doing it ?


On the one hand, police cannot watch each and every human being; on the other hand, it is a human nature that even in a reasonably good person, the lower nature tries to creep in or allures the mind to be greedy, if there does not seem to be a high risk. As an idle brain is the devil's workshop, so a society without citizens' action groups, encourages greed and various wrong-doings. "It is enough for the triumph of evil for good man to do nothing." Evil is a ruthless destroyer against a lone fighter and gives up easily against a joint resistance. We together shall resist evil (even mis-behavior), which expands exponentially without resistance.

"Society and human culture" is our own thing like our children. With due proprietorship and affection, we shall establish a culture of caring, sharing, and cooperation, which is beneficial to all. The fun of getting together and watching developments for a safe and joyful society, for which we ourselves are the architects, will keep us in high spirit all the time and add new meaning to our lives. This will help us to resist the temptation of our lower nature to relax in sleeping, laziness, and other things, which ultimately drags us to low spirit, draggy or lethargic body, and a hellish feeling.

Instead of making each other's life miserable by envy, suspicion, non-cooperation, and by trying to pull each other down, we shall make prosperous, safe, and joyful lives for all by cooperation. We shall not let the negative emotions rule over the brain to become losers in the long run. Each individual will feel important and partner to society. We can expand the horizon of our knowledge and skill through fun; almost everybody has something to teach to others. In fun-gatherings, specialists will talk about earning a livlihood, financial management, health and hygiene, minimum legal matters needed in the particular locality, precautions against various traps and dangers, interactions within and outside family, etc. There will be centers for getting information and reporting any problems or anything of importance.

Far-sight and realization, generally, do not come overnight. However, all of evil motives or emotions and good motives or emotions are infectious. Once some of us start spreading a culture of positive emotions, thinking, analyzing, realization, and far-sight, people will start catching those slowly and will be able to achieve the maximum total happiness for the whole span of life for themselves and others. They will realize: Everything I do becomes a part of human culture. If I harm this culture directly by my short-sighted selfishness or indirectly by not taking care of it, six-billion others will do the same thing, and my gain will be much outweighed by the common harm done by all. If I harm a fellow human being, that is only going to open a door for future harm being done to me. Because of far-sight, wrong decisions on one's own life-matters and clashes with others will be mostly eliminated.

This gigantic network will not only be equivalent to a million small scattered initiatives but will be many-times more effective and inspirational than the net effect of those and will have the mightiest voice on earth because of all-hands involvement from the international level to grassroots levels and synergistic effects. There are many persons who have not given their hearts to any of the existing voluntary initiatives. Sporadic initiatives, or only one objective like "charity," "crime prevention," or "development," lack the needed glamour to enthuse all. They get irritated by so many hands all around asking for money and time, but would be inspired by and give their hearts to one unified, world-wide, all-hands involving, and sensation creating organization because such an initiative would be the most effective one. Because of a chapter at each level, actions can be taken the most effective way at the appropriate level.

Even a national network from the national level to the community cannot deter national evil powers or create the same sensation. Through this structure, we can reach and motivate people all over the world instantly, make our voice heard by everybody. The network can organize a movement against any injustice, unjust policy, or product, or recruit volunteers for emergency needs, in one or a few day(s). Without any formal advertisement, just the announcement of a big donation to this network will work as the greatest circulating advertisement. The mass media cannot give coverage to a million initiatives constantly but will be able to give full coverage everyday to such a unified initiative. There is no power on earth, which will dare to make this network unhappy. Only with the existence of the structure, everybody will realize its potential, even before any actual work.

Communities have to be continuously engaged by upper level involvement for prevention so that none become a burden to society through dependence or delinquency. Some persons are extremely open: one type of influence can lead them to crimes and another type to heroism. Through involvement and activism, it is possible to inspire, to open the heart for nobility in place of evil. A person allowed to speak in a meeting or honored, will try to maintain a better image.

Nobody will change in advance of all others to lose. Only when we all agree to change simultaneously and work jointly to improve our lives and societies, a good change is possible. The chain of business as usual (in politics and interest groups, government offices, societies, etc.) can never be destroyed, without a gigantic structure involving all-hands to kindle the fire of inspiration everywhere at the same time. We all lost hope and turned negative, thinking that everywhere it is just false assurance; nothing will change.

In small initiatives, the inspiration or culture-change is small and vulnerable to the surrounding culture, i.e., bad apples spoil the good apples. This will not be the case in a unified and simultaneous crusade. That one click on human mind (realization), which brings a total change in a person, turning even a brute into an angel, will occur on more and more persons over the years. This network or idea will open doors for cooperation not only for solving social problems but also for solving multi-disciplinary and gigantic problems.

Any simple initiative taken by the common people of the whole earth together will raise the human spirit unimaginably. This enhanced spirit will enable us, in partnership with governments and UNO, to improve human happiness and even international peace, and encourage cooperative ventures. When most of the corners on earth are still full of ignorance, even the views expressed and good motivation given by the good forces all around repeatedly, and the organized exchange of knowledge, skills, experiences, and other information, may go a long way. When ignorants are left to themselves, crimes, etc. result.

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