(More to be suggested by participants) - The Section on "Goals" contains the basic idea about activities. There is actually nothing, which is of benefit to society, that will be excluded from the list of activities; therefore, the list is unlimited. Specific actions will depend on the problems and priorities of the location, wishes of the volunteers and donors. Emphasis will be on dealing with the root of problems, particularly those involving children and adolescents and social burdens. Whatever is needed to reduce crimes, human suffering, dishonesty, injustice, hassles, etc. and to increase security, joy, responsiveness, efficiency everywhere, self-sufficiency, etc., will be done in cooperation with governments, UNO, and all other organizations. The idea is to do jointly what is beyond the means of one or a few individuals. The following examples are only to show the variety of things the network can do.

Theoretically, we can name many places to turn for remedy or help. Practically, even a fighter like me found out that the remedy available, if at all (generally none), is not worth the time and energy spent, the harm done to myself, my family, and my career. There is practically almost no responsiveness in society. The proposed network will provide such a structure that just by a phone call, e-mail, or a stop at a place, any individual can have the whole community, region or township, up to the nation or the whole United Humankind Organization behind him/her for appropriate action and justice. Nobody has to suffer all alone. One or a few persons are just neglected; they cannot confront the highest authorities. Nobody has to go on a shooting-spree out of frustration. Just the existence of such an arrangement will eliminate most of the evil, inefficiency, hassles, unresponsiveness, etc. Currently, these are rampant because they see that almost never they are in serious trouble, only the victim tries to fight individually for a while and then gives up. Once one can get away with one crime, one is encouraged to commit more. No wrong-doing or even mis-behavior will be allowed to go without appropriate actions.

In the same simple way, anybody can report anything of importance.

Actually there will be scores of component networks within the overall network. Each component network will take care of one aspect of society, e.g., arranging and running educational/training programs as needed, curriculum in the above programs and in the existing schooling systems, mentoring children and those others who need, helping police and the legal system in crime prevention through vigilance, deterrence, and proof for punishment, crime prevention by early detection and helping potential delinquents out of delinquency, training and other helps so that nobody becomes a burden to the society through poverty or delinquency, helping as needed during ailment, volunteering for emergency needs. One of the joint activities of UNO and UHO may be that of giving proper education (and mind set) to all children on earth. This initiative may ultimately make education compulsory all over the world and provide one or two meals at schools to the poorest students.

Lower level committees will let the upper level committees know about their problems and also state their understanding about improving society and lives in their location. Upper level committees will plan through interaction with the lower level committees, give guidance, and get involved when needed for appropriate actions. When there is a need for changing a national law, the national committee and if needed the central United Humankind Organization (UHO) will take up the matter with the national legislators. To curb a great evil power, an international pressure may have to be created by the central UHO. On the other end - a neighborhood is the best place to know about or keep an eye as needed on the residents, to see the pre-signs of anything that is going to happen, and to take care of any emergency. As a matter of fact, most of the down-to-earth work will be done at the grassroots level.

Our current systems handle the problems on the surface. Police catch (30% success rate) criminals after they have committed crimes and put them to jail by spending a huge amount of tax-money. Thousands of charity and social workers are helping sufferers. With the time and energy they spend, we could do much better, if we had the network, now proposed, in existence. In addition to cooperating with existing systems for dealing with various problems, which have already germinated and are growing, we have to go to the roots to destroy them as well as to remove all possibilities of future germination.

We allow security checks or go through many other inconveniences and hassles in many other ways, for the long-term overall benefit. Side-by-side all individual freedom and privacy, we have to develop a community-family. Everybody's home will remain a private place. However, for the long-term and overall benefit (to be able to provide help to the appropriate persons), there should not be any person whom no community on earth knows well. Criminals grow and problems brew in some neighborhood on earth. If each community take care of themselves with guidance and help from upper levels, criminals cannot grow without proper care and treatment, to suffer the whole life. Proper upbringing of children, training for self- sufficiency, informed healthy, and happy living, etc. has to be assured by the community-family.

Under the guidance of police, neighborhood watch-groups will be formed. Persons in the watch-group will be given reasonable amount of training. Each of us has to work as a spy and partner with police to stop evil. Suspected individuals will be under watch. A satisfactory alternative to identifying the witnesses openly has to be found, so that witnesses are not killed by criminals or their accomplices. Conflicts will be resolved as quickly as possible; man-made disaters will be stopped before they can take place. Exploitation and oppression of the weak by the strong will be stopped. Similarly, other groups will be formed for other specific jobs. For example, a few persons may be trained on emergency life-saving techniques. However, when needed, everybody will work together irrespective of groups.

Learning will be encouraged and emphasized in society. All media will be persuaded to make their programs more educational. Out of school learning programs arranged by the network will be made exciting and will include some fun activities too. These will include courses about earning a livlihood, financial management, health and hygiene, interaction within and out of family, basic elements of happiness, minimum legal knowledge appropriate for the specific locality, precautions against various dangers and traps, etc. Training will be given and leadership will be taken by the network for enterprising initiatives. We learn or know many things useful in life but somehow sometimes we forget. Those will be reminded to us repeatedly by a group formed for that purpose.

Billions of people have lived over many thousands years. Whatever small amount of useful experinces from them is available is scattered in thousands of places and is beyond any one person's reach. Beneficial experiences, information, skill, etc. will be collected from all sources and all persons currently living and the appropriate ones will be distributed among the appropriate people. The network may conduct surveys, investigations, or researches, if these become highly beneficial. We shall make it a convention in society that we shall try to make whatever we do, even chit chats, as educational or informative as possible.

In some of the meetings, upper level representatives will be invited and volunteers honored. The network will assume an overviewing and long- term planning role along with others engaged in it. It will compile different sets of daily-life or common knowledge books for people of different levels. There should be counselling before and after choosing a spouse, so that the spouse is chosen in a more realistic fashion with a long-term understanding of what will come along the line, and then adjusting with the partner so that life does not turn into a hell instead of the expected heaven.

Sometimes the parents cannot effectively change their children. Each child feels he/she is being unjustly restricted by his/her parents, when other children are not, and may commit some untoward incidence under emotions. The community-family, where all the peers will be, may be more effective in some cases. The children have to be shaped for all matters, when they are very young: understanding of the importance of learning, good eating and other health and hygiene practices, including good postures in general and in various activities, good techniques of remaining friendly with all, avoiding clashes, getting help from parents or designated superiors when have questions, abused, or in any distress or unhappiness, avoiding immediate desires or impulses when needed for long-term or ultimate gain. Those practices and tastes of the early ages are ever-lasting. Let children learn through toys the skills they may need later. Discover the strong side of each individual and give opportunities to fulfill the potential. We have to dramatize certain scenes and events through documentary films, to the appropriate groups like pre-teens, and penetrate their consciousness about the way to avoid future suffering. There should be a lot of motivating lessons also at home and schools.

Various information centers will use internet for information search or e-mail addresses (or phones, when not too costly) for getting information from others, who are more able to supply the information. Also, the most knowledgeable persons in each topic will be identified and listed with contact addresses. Some expert services may be maintained, so that repair or other technical people cannot cheat consumers.

There are many more good ideas than are implemented. We shall try to do some more implementing. We shall promote a culture of thinking and analyzing for acquiring far-sight. We have to understand the reality and tackle it properly for secure and happy lives. Good things will not happen on their own; we have to accomplish them jointy. An environment of inspiration will be created. Each person has something good. We shall praise the good side and honor in front of a meeting. Praises encourage people to be responsible and condemnation encourages to be reckless and vindictive. The human society must take projects or find means for providing employment to unemployed persons, however small the salary may be. An idle brain is the devil's workshop.