Einstein's Visions on Civilization

In spite of recognizing Einstein as the person of the century, his visions about the world and the civilization have been kicked aside. Einstein called on the peoples of the world to break away with obsolete political traditions and said that, naturally, governments would never like to let loose their grip on power. Although democratic systems may have improved in a few countries, lobbying, interest groups, money and other seen and unseen powers are still ruling people. Power corrupts and should not be concentrated in any hands. That is why, many more people (may be with the requirement of a knowledge test) should be involved in decision making. We do not need to be fooled by and be slave to powers. As I heard the election analysts, the success in election is nothing but the success in the art of conspiracy and fooling people.

With a little culture change, people may rule themselves by directly taking decisions on issues and actions. By the method mentioned in ”Structure” of this website, opinions or votes can be collected from people within a few days. People may be directed to form an election committee in each neighborhood and upper levels, with people of differing opinions to safeguard against manipulations. If each neighborhood is connected by Internet, then passwords and secret information of each voter will make voting very simple. People may be required to pass some examination, to acquire this enhanced voting right. People participation can be introduced little by little. For example, in the beginning, people’s votes may receive 20% weight and gradually increased over time, with the elected politicians’ votes receiving rest of the weight. The President will have veto power only when the politicians' congress and the peoples' Internet Congress differ. On any issue or action, the existing Congress will debate and provide the pros and cons to the Internet Congress, so that they can vote with full understanding.

Einstein suggested that the most powerful countries of the world provide security of all other nations, stop fights and killings on a large scale. Millions of lives could have been saved this way. Also, this will release a lot of resources from unproductive defense, for development and amelioration of the sufferings of people. Each country will contribute soldiers and money to the defense pool, proportional to its population size and affluence. Elections should be conducted by UN Election Commissions.

Then he said, “Nationalism is an infantile disease.” Without dismantling their military might, powerful countries can proceed slowly to the goal of “One family, one nation.” If people are doomed to suffer, they won’t accept good visions. Otherwise humans could live lives without worrying about crime and cheating. Children and women trafficking, all kidmappings or missing for whatever reasons can be stopped, if we establish a system of tracking people as needed. Tracking on a particular person can be done only by a committee of very old saint-like persons, after permission from the UN Secretary General or a UN Committee. I know that people will oppose it vehemently because we are doomed to suffer. A system of extreme privacy beyond bedroom gives opportunities to the criminals to plan and commit crimes.

According to Einstein, education is the capacity to think. In schools, that habit of thinking should be formed. When we take a break from regular work, we become busy with something else; we do not take the time to think on the rationality of what we do, how we spend our life.

It should be repeatedly taught and meditated that we are born with limited consciousness. Our perceptions are like those of the twelve blind persons describing the elephant to be like a pillar, a wall, a rope, a hand-fan, etc. Sharing what we see is the way to expand the horizon. Because of the lack of proper education, some persons do not try to understand why another person is doing what he/she is doing. They just assume that the other person is at fault (and, sometimes, shout). Capacity to neglect or tolerate is missing. We have to learn to live with differing views without shouting or irritating which may lead to a fight or even killing. “An eye for an eye turns the whole world blind.”

A “faith” is a personal, familial, or community faith. There is no objective proof for or against a faith. What is “proof” to some is a total nonsense to some others. So, we have to make “faith” a private/personal matter. If God said the same, similar, or matching things everywhere, I would have been an outstanding faithful. Let God punish those who do not violate the state laws but violate a faith. Let people live happily this life, without violating the equal rights of other persons.

Every religious group is totally ignorant of other religions and still calls the remaining majority people heathen. If there is even one in a million with real love and eyes, we can minimize human suffering. Love for lives ends in words and “shows”. Taking care of the foundation of our lives, society, jointly, is an inalienable duty, not a matter of interest. Those who, we suppose, take care of society are after their own interests and play nasty games. As a result, we are no where near what could be done.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, an American Nobel Laureate Biochemist - “Our species ... probably has not changed during the last 20,000 years. Here we stand in the middle of this new world with our primitive brain. ... In much of the world, half the children go to bed hungry and we spend a trillion in rubbish.”

I saw in my village that people took off their shoes to walk through sticky mud for ten years because of a broken part in the main road. This broken part could be repaired in a few hours, if someone took the initiative to invite others. What a stupid human culture of suffering for nothing! Most people want to live aloof in their own cozy corners without jointly removing such common inconveniences and suffering. Bad things are not eliminated by fighting against bad elements jointly. As we do not give our children to child specialists to raise them, the foundation of our lives, society, is too important to leave to the games of politics. We have to care for it together; especially, in this age of Internet and cell phones.

Everything is for happy living but except for the few greatest thinkers, the human species does not have the far-sight for that. One million-dollar prize is given even for catching a big trout or for a recipe. For that one million dollars needed to prove a beneficial concept for the human family, I had to sacrifice my life. Let me stop by reading a quotation.

Quote - “I look around and all I see are miserable people. Everyone is in the rat race to try and outdo everyone else. Ego, money, power, greed, corruption, . … We procreate and have miserable children who go about doing the same stupid things that have been done since the beginning of time. Racism, hatred or favoritism, fascism, murder, ... Over and over forever. I just find it hard to understand why our world is so fucked up. We have the technology and infrastructure to set up a system where everyone could be happy.” Unquote.

My answer is: the awareness that “We together form society, we together have to take care of it” is missing. Those who are supposed to take care of society are more busy with their own interests than ours.

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