Think and Analyze

Does it make sense for billionaires going to jail for tax evasion, CEO’s and politicians¬† going to jail? What will they do with more money and power?Instead of elevating social status, they throw themselves to trashes.

Find peace, joy, and happiness by contemplation. Don’t be one in the herd of sheep running after material things which do not really add to happiness. All dream and want to be celebrities. However, by being a celebrity, you lose some freedom. That does not mean that you stay away from your contributions to society, in the fear of being a celebrity.

When you are devastated, know that our lives are some bubbles rising and bursting in the ocean of infinite time and space. To the insect with a 4-minute life cycle, that 4-minute seems to be very long. A person lives a life according to what he is conscious about. Mold your mind so as not to suffer. I have been reading Geeta since 1960, not as a scripture but as the greatest psychology book. By hearing 5-minute from a realized person (not necessarily religious), generally, you cannot be a realized person. Reading of and contemplating on Geeta for 59 years may have some good effects on me.

Nature provides us both happiness and suffering of one sort or other. We love human as well as non-human babies. What a happiness there is between a mother lion,tiger, etc. and her kids. Then, there are zillions of death of living organisms, trillions of events causing suffering to some and their dear ones. Generally, if you run after happiness, you cannot avoid the suffering too. Buddha in a secular way and many others in religious ways suggested coping with disasters. I prefer the secular way and the geeta. Because, once you go to unproven things, all the superstitions, kiling, torture, hatred, and division creep in. Christians think Jesus is the only superway and Muslims think Quoran is the latest and only superway. So, fight and destroy each other? Unscrupulous persons exploit religion and human uncertainty about super-naturality. Some religious leaders made millions from the gullible people. Even if there is God, it is better to stay on the scientific line and pray and submit to the unknown called God, out of brutal religions.